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Billiard Sanctuary West Dover VT

NOTE: Billiard Sanctuary of West Dover, VT is no longer in business and this location is CLOSED.

Billiard Sanctuary West Dover VT

Billiard Sanctuary Address

Billiard Sanctuary West Dover

183 Route 100
West Dover, VT 05356-9703 USA
  • Windham County
  • Timezone: EST

Alternate Names

  • Billiard Sanctuary Academy of the Cueing Arts & Sports Bar

Contact Billiard Sanctuary

Reach Billiard Sanctuary using the contact info below:

Billiard Sanctuary West Dover Phone Number

  • (802) 464-9975 (Sports Bar & Pool Hall)
  • (888) 969-9225 (Billiard Academy - Toll Free)

Billiard Sanctuary Website

  • http://www.billiardsanctuary.com


  • australianoyster@billiardsanctuary.com

Billiard Sanctuary West Dover - Pool Hall Info

G'day billiard enthusiasts! When you combine Old World charm with modern day technology, you get the "Billiard Sanctuary" in Mt. Snow, Vermont. Walking through the entranceway, you are immediately taken with the atmosphere and professional accouterments of the room. Although the tourists and the locals fill the space to capacity regularly, it is easy to imagine that Willie Mosconi would want to frequent here if he were still alive because of its quiet dignity. Mahogany! Mahogany! Mahogany! Soak up the royal elegance of polished brass trimmings, dark mahogany and the antique bar. Your ears will feast on the dulcet tones of a custom state of the art sound system. Your Billiard Sanctuary experience will be one of opulence and uncompromising quality. The Billiard Jewel of Vermont Ski Country. At the Billiard Sanctuary, we are fond of quoting the Billiard Congress of America: Billiards is the type of game you can pick up in an hour yet spend the rest of your life learning to play. It fools you with it's simplicity, tricks you with it's magic and hooks you with its unerring elegance and beauty. Whether you are looking for a world-class education in the cueing arts, a place to gather in relative peace with your friends, or a place to unwind after a day on the slopes of Mount Snow while listening to live music, the Billiard Sanctuary is the perfect getaway. The Billiard Sanctuary, where you will find first class tables, professional instruction, bar, friendly staff, reasonable table rates, first rate, upscale atmosphere.

Billiard Sanctuary If you need a little instruction with that entree then head north to White's new Billiard Sanctuary in Andiron's Lodge in Mt. Snow, VT. Tim is a BCA certified instructor who uses the latest video-tape techniques to show a player their improvement. This is a first-class billiard academy mixed with a fine restaurant and bar. Split into two levels, the lower level contains 6 new Brunswick Gold Crown IV's. Upstairs, the bar features a cheery hardwood floor, a custom built mahogany bar with mother of peal inlays, and a Harmon Kardon sound system. An Australian theme carries throughout, highlighted by "Matilda Kookaburra", a nine-foot crocodile that ovelooks the pools tables. Check out their website at BilliardSanctuary.com.

Billiard Digest 2000 - Best New Room Honorable Mention

When Jim Lynch of Wallace properties first entered the space that was to become the Billiard Sanctuary, he saw a dark, run-down meeting room, a cliched part of a 1970's-era lodge which had seen few changes. But it took just 3 months to clear of the clunky knotty pine trim and fixtures and invent solutions to define the space and accommodate the electrical and audio requirements for the new billiard room. The new space features a virtual forest of mahogany, from the copper and the mother of pearl-accented bar to the rich paneling finishes on the tables and seating.

After a day of shooshing down the slopes, what could be more relaxing than stepping into…Australia? At the Andiron's Lodge in West Dover, VT., an elegantly appointed billiards room and lounge that take inspiration from the land down under has been christened the Billiard Sanctuary, and relaxing is the name of the game.

Timothy J. White (who has dubbed himself "The Australian Oyster", explaining "I have always had a deep inner love for Australia and I love oysters, "as well as all that comes with them" fashioned the Sanctuary from his interest in Australia and his need for his pool academy. A Billiard Congress of America – certified instructor, White now operates his Academy of Cueing Arts from the Billiard Sanctuary. The program's location within the Andiron's Lodge offers billiard scholars the opportunity for a unique billiards retreat. Students can take advantage of very reasonable off-season rates at Andirons. The full-service lodge offers an indoor swimming pool, hot tub, tennis and fine dining. The lesson plan can be tailored to fit individual needs, or to accommodate schedules.

But the environment that builder Jim Lynch started with was a bit jarring by contrast. Lynch describes the former meeting room as a "large stark almost contemporary space mixed with an old slate floor and a brightly finished pine-colored bar". The garish pine went, and the slate floor was covered in wood or carpet. Ceilings were lowered, structural members were brought up to code, and in just three month, the new space was unveiled, with the stone fireplace the lone remaining architectural detail from the previous room.

The abundance of mahogany, mellowed by a serene palette of soothing colors, the lush tropical plants and the boxes of potpourri placed around the six Brunswick Gold Crown IV tables all invite patrons to seek sanctuary. To further enhance the relaxing setting, White included a state of the art 2000-watt 12-speaker sound system for live musical performances. An extensive CD collection gives patrons choices ranging from the aboriginal didgeridoo sound of Aussie David Hudson, to easy listening voices of Barbara Streisand or Yanni, to the more upbeat Toad the Wet Sprocket or the Black Crows.

The final note on comfort for patrons is the high-amp smoke eater system. The Billiard Sanctuary holds a special license that permits smoking in some bars and restaurants, but in order to serve smokers and non-smoker alike, the elaborate ventilation system was installed.

So whether it's the daily stress of life in the 21st century, or the frustration of never getting the bank shot quite right, the Billiard Sanctuary will Soothe and renew you.

The Billiard Sanctuary Bar

Adjoining the billiard room is the upper bar. The bar room accommodates people who wish to sit at the bar and enjoy a cocktail, those who would like to sit at a table and order food from the creative and delicious Sanctuary menu, like kangaroo (known on the menu as Darling Harboroo), or those that prefer to sit around the warm fireplace in the winter. Other items on the menu include; The Flame Opal, which is a fresh fruit plate served with boursin cheese and the Royal Botanical garden, which is a fresh vegetable plate served with a black pepper avocado dressing. Upscale has a new meaning at the Billiard Sanctuary with its prime selection of fine cigars, ports, top shelf items such as Grand Marnier centenaire and centcinquantenaire years all added to a excellent selection of Australian wines.

The stone fireplace is the only architectural feature from the previous establishment. The warm wood floors surround the main focal piece in the bar area, which is the hand-crafted nineteen-foot mahogany bar. The back bar supports an antique hutch centerpiece originally from the Brunswick Hotel in Boston. The rest of the back bar was expanded from this beautiful starting point.

The front bar was crafted with mahogany, copper and round mother of pearl inlays to extend the theme from the Brunswick Gold Crown IV tables. The pillar completing the architectural design of the front bar extends your eyes to the ceiling. Anagalypta overlay was used to replicate the old English tin ceilings. This effect took several coatings of special Ralph Lauren paints, in different colors, to create the final look. Picturesque pencil sketches of historical Australian hotels grace the south corner of the upper bar. This creates a unique backdrop for our live weekend entertainment, the favorite choice amongst locals and tourists to the area.

The bar is cozy, yet you are only moments from the slopes. Through an interior door is the Dover Forge Restaurant, both contained within the Andirons Lodge. You can wait and relax with a drink and game of pool while you await your table. Or you can stay a while, soak up the atmostphere and stay in for the night.

Architecture of the Billiard Sanctuary

From concept to completion, the project of transforming a dark, dirty, run-down meeting room into the Billiard Sanctuary took three months. The Wallace Representatives, Mark Wallace and Jim Lynch, met with the client, Timothy White, for the first time in September, 1999 to discuss design concepts and his anticipated time frame. At that time he was looking for a December 25th completion date. Even with all the challenges, the Billiard Sanctuary was ready for its grand opening on New Year's.

To accomplish all of the work it was necessary to set up an on-site shop. This included table saws, compound miter saws, thickness planers, jointers, and power planers. With a wide array of hand tools to compliment the power tools. Modern technology meets old!

When Tim saw the billiard room for the first time it was a large, stark, almost contemporary space mixed with an old slate floor and a brightly finished pine colored bar. Tim began to explain the concept he wanted to Jim Lynch and Mark Wallace. The details of the project became a daily job to convert this room into a warm, intimate, almost library-like space. The warmth of mahogany wood, the colors and texture of the walls and ceilings and the use of carpeting and wood on the floors would achieve this atmosphere.

With the initial concept in mind and several meetings later, demolition began. It revealed many "problems" needing many creative solutions. The first challenge was the structural integrity of the large vaulted ceiling in the billiard room. The 32-foot long structural beams were found to be undersized for the Mount Snow, Vermont snowfall. The beams were increased to a size of 7" X 24" with solid bracing in between. An engineer was hired to help solve this problem.

Tim wanted to have a low ceiling in the bar and lounge area to create an intimate space. To produce this effect the existing ceiling and framing structure needed to be removed. This revealed a nest of wires, valves and pipes. After extensive consultation and much work by the electrician and plumber a new framing system was constructed. This work included the relocation and installation of a new, larger circuit breaker panel and new wiring. This involved almost a complete re-wiring of the billiard room and bar lounge.

To reduce the high ceiling space in the billiard area, the ceiling was painted flat black. This served two purposes. One, to reduce the vertical height of the room and two, to produce the lack of light required by Tim in the billiard area.

The ceiling of the bar and lounge area was lower. Here Tim wanted the effect of an old copper ceiling. This look was reproduced with the application of a ceiling product, which was painted to resemble copper. This look was achieved by applying several coats of paint, each coat being hand rubbed in between. The ceiling of the practice area was low and was finished in the same manner.

The size of the existing baseboard heating units was found to be inadequate for the room's new purpose. The addition and relocation of several baseboard units helped solve this problem. Another challenge the heating system posed was how to produce the mahogany-raised paneling and integrate it with the large baseboard heating system. This challenge was met by laying out over 400 lineal feet of mahogany paneling and moldings to incorporate the space used by the heaters.

The balance of wall space requiring mahogany paneling was then laid out to incorporate all vertical and applied trims. This included the construction of a drink rail in the billiard room while maintaining the same horizontal line of the paneling. There was a pre-existing loft space above the practice billiard tables. This created a low, flat ceiling over the practice billiard tables. The space above overlooked the billiard room. Tim decided to use this space for a simulated rainforest and photography display. To accomplish this, a custom handrail and baluster system was installed and numerous silk tropical trees were shipped in. This solution created the definition of space needed to produce a unique setting.

Many of the "challenges" have produced interesting architectural details in the billiard room. Some of which include the mahogany column detail around the new mahogany entry doors. These columns added depth to the entrance and also enclosed the heating pipes around the doorway. In the practice area of the billiard room there were several vertical corners that were better accentuated, rather than hidden. The solution was to trim out the corners in solid mahogany to create a column effect. From the billiard room into the bar there was a structural four-inch steel column. This column was at the transition of the high ceiling in the billiard room to the lower ceiling in the bar area. This column was trimmed out in ten-inch wide mahogany to create the effect of a large pillar. The large trim capping the wall to the left created a column space to walk into the bar area. To complete the overall look, a large mahogany crown molding was installed in the entire low, flat ceiling area locations. This process included mitering around each of the mahogany columns.

Because the Billiard Sanctuary is located next to a restaurant, Tim designed a large piece of glass with the Billiard Sanctuary logo etched into it. This was installed adjacent to the entrance from the restaurant to the Billiard Sanctuary. Tim also required a new entry door system at the main entrance at the front of the building. These custom made doors were produced with 1 3/4 inch thick mahogany. The glass in the doors had a smaller scale of the Billiard Sanctuary's logo reverse etched into it.

While antiquing, Tim found a mahogany sideboard with a stained and cut glass hutch. Appropriately, the mirror in the hutch is etched with the words "Brunswick Hotel". This is the piece that many of the design concepts, woods species and stain colors were derived from. This became the centerpiece for the back bar with design concepts for the back bar and the main bar evolving from the hutch top.

With the bar equipment requirements in mind, the layout for the working bar was completed and construction of the main bar façade and top was begun. Tim required a copper and mahogany bar with mother of pearl inlays to match the new Brunswick tables. With this concept, a large custom made mahogany bar rail and copper laminate with a solid mahogany top was chosen. The front of the bar follows the same design of mahogany paneling as the bar and lounge room. To complete the design of the bar, a soffit was installed above the main bar and the back bar. This served to tie in the antique hutch with the entire structure. To complete the main bar area, a custom brass foot rail and service bar rail was installed.

Tim also required a closed circuit video system to be used as an instructional tool for the academy. This required working closely with Tim for the camera locations and positioning. Some of the locations required the construction of custom mounting systems so that the cameras could be removed as needed. When replaced, they had to be pointing in the exact same location. These custom made systems accomplished the task.

The solution to all of the above problems had to co-exist with Tim's wish for the use of space. Jim Lynch provided the following statement. "After being given the initial concept of the overall room, I was allowed the opportunity to give my input for design, concept and execution. During the progression of the room from its original state to its completion, I enjoyed receiving the comments from people that were checking its progress. Even now, after its completion, people are commenting on the wonderful addition the Billiard Sanctuary has made to the valley. People were pleased to have a more "up-scale" place to relax. It was amazing to see the final result. Although, the time frame was a little tight, I truly enjoyed the opportunity to rise to the challenges presented."

Australian Theme

The brainchild and owner of this exceptional room, Timothy White, known as the "Australian Oyster", is both an admirer of the land "down under" as well as photographer and billiard instructor. Robert Hoffman and John Hoffman, co-owners, assisted in the layout and design of the room. When Tim decided to construct the Billiard Sanctuary, he wanted to include the things he most loved and therefore decided to have an Australian theme. In addition to the photographs, there is also a nine-foot crocodile named Matilda Kookaburra from Cairns, Australia on display. "Matilda" refers to the historical ship in Sydney harbor and "Kookaburra" to the official country bird.

One of Tim's favorite regions in Australia is the Daintree Rainforest in Northern Queensland. The Daintree houses many unique animals and awesome waterfalls. The southern cassowary, depicted in one of Tim's photographs, shares with us a smidgen of the abundant life the rainforest contains. We are reminded of the mystical rainforest by the sampling of tropical trees on the balcony above the pool tables. This provides a very warm and unique atmosphere to the room.

Live music can be heard throughout the bar and billiard room on the state of the art Harmon Kardon/Wharfedale 2000 watt 12 speaker sound system. When the band is not playing, there is a large range of music styles to choose from among Tim's six hundred compact discs. One, is the aboriginal didjeridoo sound of David Hudson from Australia, while Streisand, Sinatra and Yanni provide easy listening choices, and Toad the Wet Sprocket or Black Crowes are more upbeat. Tim has printed a list of music choices so that the patrons can request their favorite artist during their visit. A custom corner mahogany platform and cabinet was designed to house a 61-inch big screen television and walk-in stereo area. On the north wall there is a grand mahogany eight-foot display case which is hand crafted with mother of pearl diamonds and locking doors. Custom cues, creative hand painted shirts and memorabilia are available to customers of the Billiard Sanctuary.

The billiard tables are perfectly spaced and situated between the bar tables to allow for comfortable and accurate shooting. So many more additional features including two different mechanical bridges per table, one bat bridge and one brass, master chalk (replaced weekly), rollar racks-8 and 9 ball, (Sardo tight rack on order for tournament use). Dufferin house cues, Cuetech two piece rentals, Brunswick Centennial balls with red dot cue balls, all perfectly maintained. Tournament grade 100% virgin wool cloth brushed professionally daily and lightly vacuumed weekly. Brunswick Gold Crown IV tables polished daily and covered nightly. The Toltec green and brass lights over the tables are positioned at exact specifications of 61" which lends itself to a complete glare free atmosphere.

As you are seated at the raw bar in the Dover Forge restaurant, you can view the Billiard Sanctuary through the detailed, etched customized window. Ponzini Art Glass, in Keene, New Hampshire, spent over two months on the project and provided us with this statement. "Like a painting, the depth achieved with the different gradations combined with the subtle lighting of the room gives it a life of it's own. The piece compliments the room beautifully." Also surrounding the Billiard Sanctuary window are six black and white still photographs from the original film the "Color of Money" all in sequential order.

The increase of upscale billiard rooms around the world has grown immensely in recent years. With the inauguration of billiards in the Olympics, the Australian theme in the Billiard Sanctuary is timely. Tim's hopes for the future include designing and building other billiard rooms around the world for both private and commercial uses. Cheers to All.

Billiard Sanctuary West Dover - Billiard Instruction

The Academy of Cueing Arts

In addition to enjoying the bar and billiard rooms of the Billiard Sanctuary in the evenings, guests are also invited to attend the daytime classes at the academy of the Cueing Arts. Timothy White is a BCA (Billiard Congress of America) certified instructor and has developed a detailed curriculum which he can adapt to beginner, intermediate or advanced players. Due to the unique location of the Billiard Sanctuary, its students can enroll in a single two-hour class while on a vacation or can opt for an in-depth fifteen-hour course, which is taught over a five-day time frame. You can also become educated, not only in the Cueing Arts, but also with Australia from the many detailed descriptions of the framed photographs on the walls.

Because there is a full service restaurant, the award winning Dover Forge, flanking one side of the academy and a year round lodge, the Andirons Lodge (the exclusive full service lodge in the area) on the other, students can meet all of their needs without leaving the building. After a day of intense training, students can relax in the hot tub or take an energetic swim in the Olympic size indoor swimming pool. To our knowledge, this is the only full service academy in the world. The great advantage to this academy is that students can have private dedicated teaching time during the day and a warm and welcoming place to practice what they have learned in the evenings among friendly locals and tourists from around the world. At this time billiards is ranked the third highest participatory activity in the country. With its increased popularity, it is becoming a great sport for couples and families. At Mt. Snow, the Billiard Academy offers an environment where couples and families can come together for vacations and balance billiard classes with quality time taking in the local flavor and beauty of southern Vermont.

Teaching Studio

Teaching tools - Video analysis: 4 digital Sony Hyper HAD color video cameras to capture every poignant detail of your body mechanics to your eye patterns though the entire shot individual screens monitored through a Javelin pro series 8 channel color duplex multiplexer. Each video session recorded and copied through a digital dual VCR for each student.

Applied Technology

One of the unique teaching tools Tim developed is the "Stroke Perfector". This creative strap, which students are fitted with, allows every student to feel perfect mechanics in the stroke. They can feel even the slightest flaw in their stroke and be able to distinguish the feeling of correct movements. Another aid in the learning process at the Academy is the use of multiple cameras. Tim designed a Sony digital four camera system installed at exact locations around one table to capture every movement. The digital signal is recorded and played back through a high-tech javelin multiplexer and viewed on a 61" big screen. Each student can witness their own progress at the Academy of the Cueing Arts.

Break speeds will be recorded using a "radar gun" and evaluated. Cue tip tools and education on proper maintenance will be expanded upon in detail. Hypnosis session using yoga methods and "mental tapes". The 'easy stroker' tool will assist you in understanding and building the perfect slide technique needed for bridging. The 'Kinetic Cue' will be used to demonstrate the percentages of incorrect stroking and to aid in the correction. 'Elephant, practice/training balls" will show the how the balls actually roll as the different energies are applied. The "Mirror Image" Teaching Aid will help you instantly locate and learn the exact angles for kicking and banking. The 'cue glide' will assist you in fine tuning your strokes straightness. The 'Aim trainer' will be used in determining the exact point of contact along with building a mental picture of the Ghost ball position.

The Course

Techniques: systemic procedures by which complex or scientific tasks are accomplished. A professionally designed and illustrated document outlining five unique sessions. Each session is guaranteed to bring knowledge and understanding to any level player. The program begins with the proper mechanics, continues on through aim and focus and ends with the science and physics. Essential components of the system build the foundation through underlying priciples. The Billiard Sanctuary is proud to teach the Allison Fisher style, form and grace. My goal is to enhance as well as bring to others, the precise elegance and beauty this incredible woman has enlightened us all with not only just in this unique sport we call the Cueing Arts but more so as the wonderful person she is.

About Tim White "The Australian Oyster"

Hello, my name is Tim White (known as the "Australian Oyster"). I am from the United States. So, you ask, why the name? Well, I have always had a deep inner love for Australia and I love oysters, as well as all that comes with them, hence the name.

My love for the cueing arts started when I was six years old. My father, owner of a large packaging company in Michigan, allowed me to work for him in order to save up for my first table. I was to construct little bags of rolled foam tape. For every thousand I completed I was given twenty dollars. I saved up five hundred dollars and bought my first table at age 7.

I literally spent hours over the years practicing and defeating all my parent's friends. When I became old enough to drive, I started venturing out to find better competition.

I soon realized that I was not improving. In 1993 I started helping others with the game and began to really enjoy the feeling in return. Over the next few years I felt like this was it, I cannot improve any more. Although I traveled extensively and continued to win many tournaments, I felt like there had to be more.

In 1996 I read an article about the need for certified teaching instructors from the Billiard Congress of America, the governing body for professional billiard tour worldwide. I immediately called to inquire about this program and was soon accepted.

After my attendance and mastery of the course, I was inducted into a BCA-certified Instructor's Guild. I was later awarded an advanced level certificate after attending another course. I was astounded by the knowledge I had gained and the intense understanding of the game. My game instantly improved to a level I could not before have fathomed before.

I started a school of my own known as "Excellence in Billiards" in Michigan. I began seminars about the importance of "comprehension of knowledge" in order to help each student learn as much as possible. Many of my students have progressed from a beginners level to an advanced level in a very short period of time. One student, for instance, progressed from not being able to make the simplest of shots to actually defeating the current world champion Allison Fisher, in a pro-am event twice in 1998.

My instruction philosophy is as follows: Every effort is made to remove the variables from the student's game, variables that inevitably lead one to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The students learn early that I do not care whether they make the ball or not. I only care about taking them beyond their present skill level and about giving them the tools required for them to continue to improve their game on their own.

Each student is furnished with a workbook which becomes the basis for the instruction. Each of the thirteen areas discussed is followed with a progressive practice drill that that follows the learning system. I start with a video analysis of each student in order for the student to see what is actually happening. I break down each part and apply terms and definitions as it relates to each movement. I then continue on with perfecting the mechanics which is the basis for all that will follow. Later the student's progress with instruction on the building, aiming, shooting, approach and mental "mind control" systems. Near the end of the course, I discuss the science and physics as it relates to the reaction the collision effect has with the balls.

When this is all put together the results are amazing. Just one hour of lessons will take years off of your practice time. You will soon be pocketing balls without even looking.

"Obviously, a man's judgement cannot be better than the information on which he has based it." (Arthur Hay's Sulzberger)

Billiard Sanctuary West Dover Business Information

Billiard Sanctuary West Dover Employees

Timothy J. White
(Tim "The Australian Oyster" White)
Founder, Owner, Master Instructor


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