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Billiard Inc. Hobart IN

NOTE: Billiard Inc / Billiard Gator is no longer in business and this location is CLOSED.

Billiard Inc. Hobart IN

Billiard Inc. Address

Billiard Inc. Hobart Logo Billiard Inc. Hobart

**No Public Physical Location**
Hobart, IN 46342-3328 USA
  • Lake County
  • Timezone: CST

Alternate Names

  • Billiard Inc. by Billiard Gator

Contact Billiard Inc.

Reach Billiard Inc. using the contact info below:

Billiard Inc. Hobart Phone Number

  • (219) 942-3736 (Billiard Supply Sales)

Billiard Inc. Website

  • http://www.billiardinc.com


  • info@billiardinc.com (General Inquiries)
  • sales@billiardinc.com. (Sales Inquiries)

Logos for Billiard Inc. Hobart, IN

Billiard Inc. Hobart, IN logos. These are past and/or current logos and trademarks used by Billiard Inc. Hobart, IN

Billiard Inc. Hobart, IN Logo

This is a logo from Billiard Inc. in Hobart, IN.

Logo, Billiard Inc. Hobart, IN

A Billiard Inc. in Hobart, IN logo.

Billiard Inc. Hobart - Store Info

We focus on selling quality cues, cases, and pool ball sets. There's free shipping on all orders, and we sell all our products at the lowest prices that the manufacturers will allow.

Billiard Gator LLC. Passion. Quality. Value.

We're focused on providing pool players with the best products, and at the lowest prices. We take pride in what we do and love pool. Three big reasons why you should chose Billiard Inc. are:

  1. We sell all pool cues, cue cases, and billiard balls at the lowest possible prices;
  2. We pay your shipping costs on all orders delivered within our great country's adjoining 48 States;
  3. We deliver your order the same day if it is ordered on a regular weekday before 2:00 p.m. CST.

Lowest Possible Prices

At BilliardInc.com we're committed to being the best. And we guarantee that we offer you the lowest possible prices. In other words -- we sell our pool cues, cue cases, and billiard balls for the lowest prices that the manufacturers allow. If you find the same product on another website for less, please e-mail us.

Billiard Inc. Hobart Business Information

Entity ID 2010072600037
Entity Legal Name Billiard Gator, LLC.
Entity US State of Registration IN
Date Registered 7/23/2010
Entity Status Administratively Dissolved
Business Type Domestic Limited Liability Company
Date of Last Data Refresh 1/31/2017
Date Dissolved 11/10/2015
Registered Address(es)

Hobart, IN 46342

Registered Address Type(s):

  • Principal Office Address

Billiard Inc. Hobart Employees

David M. Cox IV
(Dave Cox)
  • dave@billiardinc.com
  • a1windowcleaningdave@msn.com

Key Dates

  • Billiard Inc. Hobart was founded on 2013-01-01


  • Billiard Supplies


  • Billiard Equipment and Supplies
  • Online Business Only
  • Location Not Open to Public

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  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 1/31/2017 6:45:09 PM

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