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Artisan Billiards Mfg Jefferson WI

NOTE: Artisan Billiards Mfg is no longer in business and this location is CLOSED.

Artisan Billiards Mfg Jefferson WI

Artisan Billiards Mfg Address

Artisan Billiards Mfg Jefferson Logo Artisan Billiards Mfg Jefferson

218 S Wisconsin Dr
Jefferson, WI 53549 USA
  • Jefferson County
  • Timezone: CST

Alternate Names

  • Artisan Billiards
  • Artisan Billiards Manufacturing

Contact Artisan Billiards Mfg

Reach Artisan Billiards Mfg using the contact info below:

Artisan Billiards Mfg Jefferson Phone Number

  • (920) 674-5219 (Billiard Supply Sales)
  • (866) 650-7665 (Toll Free (866-650-POOL))

Artisan Billiards Mfg Website

  • http://www.artisanbilliardsmfg.com


  • (920) 674-5718


  • chrisz@artisanbilliardsmfg.com

Logos for Artisan Billiards Mfg Jefferson, WI

Artisan Billiards Mfg Jefferson, WI logos. These are past and/or current logos and trademarks used by Artisan Billiards Mfg Jefferson, WI

Artisan Billiards Mfg Jefferson, WI Logo

This is a logo from Artisan Billiards Mfg in Jefferson, WI.

Logo, Artisan Billiards Mfg Jefferson, WI

A Artisan Billiards Mfg in Jefferson, WI logo.

Artisan Billiards Mfg Jefferson - Store Info

Artisan Billiards manufactures and sells hardwood pool tables and game room accessories directly to the consumer. Artisan pool tables can be customized with a wide variety of wood types, stain options, and cloth colors to achieve the perfect look to match any decor. Artisan Billiards Mfg. takes pride in offering exceptionally priced American made products with excellent craftsmanship, design, and value.

Artisan Billiards Mfg. is a small pool table and game room accessory manufacturing company located in Jefferson, Wisconsin. We began selling our products directly to the public in the beginning of 2002 in an effort to eliminate the three different middle men our customers would eventually have to pay. This allows you, the customer, to save thousands of dollars on our line of fine pool tables and other products. We believe that our small group of craftsmen is the best way to offer our customers the highest quality product, service, and value.

We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality pool tables and accessories possible. We also take great pride in offering American made pool tables crafted by our small staff of less than ten master craftsmen. Everyone on our staff is knowledgeable and will offer the best possible service to each and every Artisan customer. Every Artisan craftsman is dedicated to the quality of both our products and our company. We all have a genuine goal of making the best game room pool tables in the industry.

We design all of our pool tables and other products in house using traditional time tested woodworking techniques that provide exceptionally durable, rigid, and beautiful pieces of furniture that will become a family heirloom and stand the test of time for generations. Years of woodworking knowledge and refinement allow our customers to buy with 100% guarantee of quality, service, and satisfaction.

Much of our manufacturing is done by hand including our beautiful assortment of hand rubbed finishes. It takes quite a bit of time to build our products by hand from scratch, but the end result is a high quality hand crafted piece that can only be found from Artisan Billiards Mfg.

Artisan Billiards and our master craftsmen are committed to offering the finest billiards tables, pool tables and other products to our customers. It is our guarantee that you will be satisfied with every purchase.

Artisan Billiards Mfg Jefferson - Manufacturer Info

Pool Tables built with Superior Craftsmanship

  • Quality Northern Hardwoods: Premier Pool Table Manufacturer, Pool Tables built with the highest quality hand select Northern Hardwoods.
  • Traditional Joinery: Our Pool Tables are designed using age old time tested woodworking techniques and joinery.
  • Hand Rubbed Finishes: Our staff of craftsmen prides themselves on finishing every piece of every pool table we make by hand, the way it was done many years ago. Our finish is simply the richest, most durable possible finishing method in the industry.
  • No machine or equipment can match the look offered by a hand finished product.

Pool Tables with Superior Design

  • Quick and Easy Installation: Our Pool Tables are engineered with the customer in mind. Quick and efficient table assembly and breakdowns are easy to perform in less than 1 ½ hours with just one wrench, one screw driver and a good level.
  • We spend more time to build our Pool tables this way to give our customers easy self installation without paying professionals hundreds of dollars. Artisan pool tables are also easily moved about your house or game room without the need of a complete breakdown, reassembly, and replacing of the tables felt.
  • Bolted Framework: Our slate liner also features a solid steel rail plate. This rail plate is the best possible way to bolt rails down in the industry. The steel rail plate is best because it is rigid and not soft.
  • When bolting through wood the wood depresses and the rail can not be pulled as tight. Rails bolted into wood may actually come loose over a period of time. It is also superior to bolting directly to the slate applications because the slate is very hard and brittle and can crack, chip, or break if not handled carefully. We have tried all three methods in our shop and found the steel plate to offer the highest quality end product. Our commitment to quality is what drove us to develop the bolt down plate.
  • Hardwood Construction Throughout : All of Artisan's pool table cabinets and framework are constructed of solid hardwood. Artisan pool table cabinets are a massive 1 ¾' thick. Cross beams and stringers are a full 2' thick by 4' deep.

Artisan Billiards Mfg Jefferson Business Information

Artisan Billiards Mfg Jefferson Employees

Christopher Zastrow
(Chris Zastrow)


  • Billiard Supplies
  • Billiards Manufacturers


  • Billiard Equipment and Supplies
  • Pool Table Manufacturer

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