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Airport Billiards Indianapolis IN

NOTE: Airport Billiards is no longer in business and is CLOSED. There is a new pool hall at this address called Brickyard Billiards. See link below for details.

Visit the Brickyard Billiards Indianapolis page for info on the business here after Airport Billiards.

Airport Billiards Indianapolis IN

Airport Billiards Address

Airport Billiards Indianapolis

6445 W Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46241-3024 USA
  • Marion County
  • Timezone: EST

Alternate Names

  • Airport Billiards Inc.

Contact Airport Billiards

Reach Airport Billiards using the contact info below:

Airport Billiards Indianapolis Phone Number

  • (317) 481-1633 (Pool Hall - Local Phone)

Photos of Airport Billiards Indianapolis, IN

Store photos of Airport Billiards Indianapolis, IN, including photos of the signage and storefront.

Airport Billiards Indianapolis, IN Storefront

The front entrance of Airport Billiards in Indianapolis, IN.

Store front at Airport Billiards Indianapolis, IN

The store front of Airport Billiards in Indianapolis, IN.

Airport Billiards Indianapolis, IN Street Sign

The roadside sign of Airport Billiards in Indianapolis, IN.

Airport Billiards Indianapolis - Pool Hall Info

NOTE: Owner Daniel R. Minton passed away February 6, 2011.

Airport Billiards Indianapolis Business Information

Entity ID 1998040650
Entity Legal Name Airport Billiards, Inc.
Entity US State of Registration IN
Date Registered 4/10/1998
Date Dissolved 12/20/2011
Entity Status Admin Dissolved
Business Type Domestic For-Profit Corporation
Registered Address(es)

1230 S. Whitcomb Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46241

Registered Address Type(s):

  • Registered Agent Information
Date of Last Data Refresh 10/12/2017

Airport Billiards Indianapolis Employees

Daniel Ray Minton
(Dan Minton)
  • ishootfar2@gmail.com
  • ishootfar2@aol.com
Roselene Pearl Minton
(Rose Minton)

Key Dates

  • Airport Billiards Indianapolis was founded on 1998-04-10


  • Pool Halls


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  • Neighbornood Short Name: Airport Billiards in Wayne
  • Title: Airport Billiards Indianapolis
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 1/12/2017 7:45:30 PM

Airport Billiards Indianapolis Comments

  1. R.CR.C from Indianapolis, IN on 3/16/2018 11:08:30 AM

    I am trying to locate someone who may have purchased Airport Billiards. Tom Stanton. He is a very good pool player and loves to bet.

    Would anyone have any contact information for Tom Stanton?

  2. billiardsforumbilliardsforum from Halifax, NS on 3/16/2018 9:29:16 PM

    Actually, I DO have the info.

    Yes, you are correct. A man named "Tommy Staten" opened a pool hall in the same location after Airport Billiards called "Brickyard Billiards"'

    The phone number for the pool hall is (317)-248-0555.

    He is listed on the corporation's original documents as "Thomas Staten". He dissolved the corporation in the fall of 2017, and someone named Stephanie Kimes now has the rights to the name and runs the pool hall. It sounds like Tom has moved on. Visit the link above to view the filing showing this info.

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