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14.1 Continuous - Billiard Term Definition

Welcome to the billiard, pool, and snooker glossary of terms. This is the definition of 14.1 Continuous as it relates to cue sports. You can also view the entire billiard dictionary

Definition of 14.1 Continuous

14.1 Continuous is a billiards term that is a part of Cue Sport Game Name Terminology.

14.1 Continuous is also known as "straight pool", it was for many years the most popular game in billiards, and was the game format on which most world championships were based upon. 14.1 Is a call-shot game played with all 15 numbered balls and the cue ball. Every ball pocketed by players counts as one point. Each game is played to an agreed upon score, generally in increments of 50. (50, 100, Or 150 points.) Traditional straight pool matches are played to 150 points.14.1 Is also called "continuous pool" because, after the opening break, play continues until a player reaches the winning score. When only one numbered ball is left on the table, the remaining 14 are racked (with the apex ball missing), and play continues.

See: straight pool, fourteen one continuous for more on the meaning of "14.1 Continuous".

14.1 Continuous - Usage

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Billiards - 14.1 Continuous

  • Title: 14.1 Continuous
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 3/8/2006
  • Last Updated: 10/24/2007 9:50:27 AM
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