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Digital Electronic Snooker Scoreboard with Remote

The Snooker Scorer, by Geoff Hackett is an electronic digital snooker scoreboard with remote control. (no longer available)

Digital Electronic Snooker Scoreboard with Remote

Electronic Digital Snooker Scoreboard for Snooker Clubs

Below are details of a design for an electronic snooker score board. This is known as 'snooker scorer'.

Basically the snooker scorer is a purpose designed electronic device housed in a traditional style wooden case approximately 480 x 195 x 30 mm. The scorer may secured to a wall or pedestal with screws . The front face of the scorer is made from a durable polyester laminate with a high gloss finish and bright colourful overlays. Simple instructions are written in English on this panel to assist with its use.

The snooker score board is designed for clubs and pubs and is programmed with English and international snooker rules.

The pages that follow contain detailed information about the scorer and general rules about snooker with reference to the use of the board.

The score board is finished in mahogany wood with a routed detail on the outside. Inside are the electronics securely mounted behind a durable steel face and plastic front panel.

Large bright LED displays show the score on the front.

  • Snooker is a very popular game and the snooker scorer enhances this.
  • If you are playing snooker for the first time, snooker scorer can help.
  • Snooker requires a lot a mental arithmetic. Snooker scorer can help.

Snooker scorer now comes with its own purpose built infra red remote control. This lets the players enter potted balls from a distance.

Adding electronics to snooker makes for a lot of benefits in game play.

Original digital snooker scoreboard user manual

Digital Snooker Scoreboard with Remote

Control panel layout and description of operation.

Button Layout

Digital Snooker Scoreboard Control

As can been from the panel layout above, there are seven coloured buttons at the top and five control buttons below.

  • Coloured buttons - These five coloured buttons represent the values of the snooker balls on the table from 1 for the reds to 7 for the black. This allows the scores to be entered in a very easy manner. Each time a ball is potted the user just presses that colour button.
  • P1 & P2 buttons - These buttons are used to select the player at the table. Press each button for one of the players.
  • Cue ball - The cue ball button is used to represent the white ball. (Used for fouls mainly).
  • Re-rack - This button starts a new frame or a new match.
  • Undo - The undo button will undo up to 5 ball entries made on the panel. Its used to correct mistakes. NOTE: free balls or other fouls, frames, re-racking CANNOT BE UNDONE.
  • Free ball - Press the free ball button, (information section of the display shows FRE), followed by the colour of the ball 'on'. For example a player may nominate a blue as the value of a red. If the blue ball is potted press free ball then press red. To deselect the free ball mode, press the free ball button again. See the snooker rules page for more on the free ball rule.

Display panel.

When power is applied to the score board all of the display on the right hand side will glow. All the information about the game is displayed on this panel.

Snooker Scorer Electronic Snooker Scoreboard with Remote for Pool Halls - Mockup 2

  • Score panels - Two panels at the top of the display panel show the scores for player one and two respectively. At the start of each new frame the displays show zero. A red light above each of the player scores indicates which of the two players are in play. This light will flash when the snooker scorer expects the next ball potted to be a colour. NOTE this only occurs while red balls remain on the table.
  • Points on table display - The 'points on the table' display shows how many points it is possible to obtain with the remaining balls if they were potted in an optimum manner. (Red followed by black for each of the pots. Followed by each colour in order.) The display toggles between the obtainable points and the number of reds on the table. At the start of a new frame this display shows 147 and 15.
  • Frame display - The frame display shows the current status of the match in play. As the current frame in play ends, the frame display increments the winners frame by one.
  • Using the scorer - To start a new match, switch on the power to the board. If the power is already on. Press and hold the re-rack button for more than three seconds. The board will reset and match play may begin.
  • Coin toss - The coin toss mode will be displayed at the start of each reset of the scorer.
    1. Each player should decide heads or tails.
    2. Pressing the re-rack button displays heads or tails in the display as shown above. The selection is completely random. Press re-rack once more to start playing.
    3. The winner of heads or tails has the choice to break or make the opponent break.

Using the Snooker Scoreboard

Press the P1 or P2 buttons to select the breaking player.

The starting player makes their break.

If no balls are potted select the opponent.

If a legal red ball is potted from the break, press the red ball button on the board. If more than one red fell then press the red button for that number of reds. (This is a legal shot)

The player light will flash to indicate that the next ball is a colour. If the nominated colour is potted, press the ball button for that colour.

If the colour is missed then select the opponent with the P1 or P2 button.

Play continues in this manner until no balls remain to the table.

The winner of the game will be shown in the display with the score.

If at the end of the game the scores are equal, the scorer will re-spot the black ball. The players then try to pot this ball in order to win.

Once over press the re-rack button to play the next frame. The player who won the frame will have the frame score advance.


If a foul is made at any time, press foul followed by the ball value. The board will calculate the value of the foul. For example if the cue ball falls in the pocket, press foul and then cue ball. The opponent will be awarded 4 points and the players turn automatically reverts to the opponent.

More complex fouls.

Foul type: A foul involving the reds requires use of the 'reds menu'!

  • Example 1. Missed red. Press foul red and press foul again to exits the reds potted menu. You can, for this more common foul use 'foul' 'cue ball' if you prefer!...Play continues
  • Example 2. If one red leaves the table. Press 'foul' 'red' then increase the red=0 to red=1 press foul then cue ball. The opponent is awarded four points. The red stays off the table...Play continues.
  • Example 3. In the case where a colour is fouled but one or more reds also fall in the pockets, special action must be taken with the scorer.

The blue ball is nominated as the colour to pot. The blue is missed and the pink is hit or potted but the white glances two reds in to a pocket. The foul for this shot is six. But the scorer must know about the two reds.

To tell the scorer about a fouls like this:

Press the foul button followed by the 'red' button press the 'red' button twice to show reds=2 on the display. These were the two reds potted. The red button in used here to increase the number or reds potted up to 6. Press foul again and 'pink' for the foul. The opponent gets six points and the reds are the correct quantity...

Play continues.

In each example you must tell the scorer if reds where potted during the foul before giving the foul. Its that simple!

Features and Benefits of the Digital Snooker Scoreboard

Key Features

  • Electronic digital score board.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Supports two players.
  • Automatically tracks the table & player scores.
  • Match frame displays.
  • Break display.
  • Displays points remaining on the table.
  • Foul keeper.
  • Score difference display.
  • Snookers required display.
  • Quick score update.
  • Plays international English snooker rules.
  • Player break coin toss.
  • Designed by snooker players for snooker players.
  • Remote control allows pots to be sent from your standing position
  • Ideal for both novices and professionals.


  • No mistakes in the scores.
  • No cheating allowable.
  • Fast and accurate.
  • See who's winning at a glance.
  • Easy to see if you can still win.
  • No more adding up headaches.
  • Work on your player skills, not your scores.

Power supplies in other voltages are available USA 110 or 220 for EU countries. These supplies are supplied with a mains adapter.

Original mock-ups of the interface for the snooker scoreboard:

Snooker Scorer Electronic Snooker Scoreboard with Remote for Pool Halls - Mockup 1

Inventor and Manufacturer

Geoff Hackett
1 St Michaels Close

NOTE: This item is no longer available. It is preserved here for informational purposes only.

Original sales pages were:

  • scorers.members.beeb.net/index.htm
  • scorers.members.beeb.net/indexold.htm

Original order form:

Digital Electronic Snooker Scoreboard with Remote

  • Title: Digital Electronic Snooker Scoreboard with Remote
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  • Published: 1/10/2017 3:37:02 PM
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Digital Electronic Snooker Scoreboard with Remote

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