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Pool Table Return System

Pool Table Return System

Some readers have asked about an automatic pool table ball return system for their own home billiard table. Many coin operated tables have them, but there are a few reasons why you many not wish to install one in your home billiard table.

Pool Table Ball Return System

With most automated pool table ball return systems, the balls travel from the pocket, down a long tube via gravity, and are deposited in to a ball-box at the end. Unfortunately the speed that these balls reach can cause pre-mature wear and possibly chipping. This can severely affect play. Chipped and worn balls cause inaccurate shots and can throw off the use of English or Throw.

Besides physical damage to the balls, the other drawback is that players often like to be able to check for where a stray object ball was pocketed. In certain billiard games, there are specific pockets in which certain objects balls should be pocketed, and thus, being able to verify where the ball was pocketed is paramount.

Also, in billiard practice sessions, or billiard drills, object balls are often played into pockets and then returned to the playing surface of the billiard table. In these instances, having to collect the balls from a box is not a desirable practice.

On a regulation table, there is no need to have a ball return system for fear of the pockets filling up with balls. When a pocket nears capacity, players simply need to re-distribute the balls from the full pocket in to pockets with more room. With the 6 pockets on a full size table, there is total room for about 30 billiard balls.

Pool Table Return System

  • Title: Pool Table Return System
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 7/31/2007 8:11:45 PM
  • Source: Internet

Pool Table Return System

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Pool Table Return System Comments

  1. WildCatWildCat from KY, United States on 9/26/2010 11:08:43 PM

    I was just wondering when the first ball return systems were used in pool tables?

    An approximate date would be nice.

    I am also wondering if when the first pool table ball return systems were made was in fact when the cue ball was made to be slightly larger than the rest of the balls?

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