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Home Billiard Tables

Home Billiard Tables

Because the billiard table will be the focal point of the room, and likely will be sitting in the middle of the room, you should exercise care when looking for home billiard tables. You could potentially have your table for a lifetime, and may even hand it down to the next generation depending on the quality of home billiard table.

Home Billiard Tables

As soon as you begin to shop for a table, you will notice that there are home billiard tables available for every budget, ranging from about $1000 to over $10000. It has been said that once you surpass the $5000 range, the quality of the table and the way it will play will generally level off. That is, a $5000 table will play the same, and last just as long as a $10000 table. At this point, the extra cash you may pay will be mostly due to the varying craftsmanship, the type of wood used, and the intricacy of the woodwork.

There are a large number of home billiard table manufacturers out there, so you will have lots of choice and will generally be able to find a table that blends well with your home billiard room decor. Given the choice though, you should generally skip over any generic tables, and go straight to the brand name choices.

Whether your home billiard room and its surrounding rooms are traditional or contemporary, there will be a home billiard table style that will fit right in. Check out this glass billiard table that was posted to our forum if you don't believe us when we say that the range of styles is vast. You will be able to match the table with any existing wood or laminate finishes that may exist already in your home billiard room. There are many choices of cloth color as well. You can generally find a color that will match existing furnishings, paintings, or wall colors.

If you have the cash, and want a premium product, you should insist on a genuine slate billiard table. As you move up in price, you will find that heavier construction and superior grade cloth, cushions, pockets and workmanship will be present in the home billiard table, and that can only serve to enhance playability and enjoyability. Billiards Forum thinks that's a good thing!

Home Billiard Tables

  • Title: Home Billiard Tables
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  • Published: 9/24/2006 1:09:23 AM
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Home Billiard Tables

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  1. pinkangelx2pinkangelx2 from CO, United States on 2/15/2011 7:28:53 PM

    This is great information to have regarding home billiard tables and their costs, it helps people to understand what is available, what to expect, and what to look for when buying a home billiard table.

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