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Dufferin Billiards Christmas Gift Guide 2002

Dufferin Games, Ltd of Mississauga, Ontario gives ideas for billiard gifts to give a pool player this Christmas with the 2002 Dufferin Billiards holiday gift guide.

Dufferin Billiards Christmas Gift Guide 2002

The focus is on family entertainment this holiday season as consumers search out gift ideas guaranteed to make home and hearth more comfortable and fun, say the experts at Dufferin Games Ltd. as they release their Annual Top Ten Gift Suggestions for 2002.

"'Tis the season for cocooning with fun and games that bring family and friends together for some much-needed quality time," says Karen Bennett-Carroll, Marketing Manager, Dufferin Games Ltd. "Our Annual Top Ten Gift Suggestions this year truly reflect a growing consumer demand for stay-at-home entertaining products and classic leisure activities such as billiards and games."

Dufferin Games, Canada's leading billiards manufacturer and game room products supplier, offers the following preview of its Annual Top Ten Gift Suggestions:

Gifts for the Billiard Player

Since the birth of billiards in the early 18th century, the basic shape of the pool cue has remained unchanged - until now! Dufferin Games introduces Destiny™, an exciting new cue that will revolutionize the way a billiard cue functions. Designed with a sculpted grip area, this cue is sure to enhance the performance of novice and professional players alike ($249.99).

The pool player in your family will love the new look and colours (Bravo Blue and Crimson Red) of Cue Man™, a Dufferin Games classic cue featuring the antics of a funky stickman character ($129.99). Give the family billiard table a gift with the Stone Collection Billiard Balls, a unique Aramith™ pool ball set in a classy coloured granite finish ($174.99). Ready to try a new billiard game? Protect your ball from being sunk three times or you're out in the Billiard Survival Game, ideal for three to 15 players ($59.99).

Game Room Gift Ideas

Put the finishing touches on that newly renovated family/game room with games that make it the most happening place in the house. Take aim at the ideal game room gift with Dufferin Games Dart Package Special which combines its Classic Collection™ dartboard with two sets of Classic Collection™ quality brass darts ($129.99). Or, bring a great Canadian sport tradition indoors with style. The latest in Super Flo™ Table Hockey offers a seven-foot model in a new contemporary design with a super-fast air-glide playing surface, a unique net system and built in accessory holders for the paddles and pucks (included) ($499.99).

Winner Takes All

For adult entertainment, bring the casino home with a handsome 2-in-1 oak poker table that converts into an elegant dining table (with optional finishes available; $999.99). Or ante up the novelty of a casino night with Marvel™ Casino Chips, made from high-grade clay for optimum performance and featuring the cast of Marvel™ comic book superheroes ($159.99).

Dufferin Games Ltd. is a Toronto-based global manufacturer, distributor and retailer of billiard cues and tables, game room furniture and accessories. There are 21 Dufferin Games stores across the country in Ontario , British Columbia , Alberta , Saskatchewan , Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

Photographs of Dufferin Games Annual Top Ten Gift Suggestions, or of other products in the Holiday Gift Guide (due out November 4th), are available electronically.

Dufferin Billiards Christmas Gift Guide 2002

  • Title: Dufferin Billiards Christmas Gift Guide 2002
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 9/2/2002 9:33:49 AM

Dufferin Billiards Christmas Gift Guide 2002

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