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Buying A Used Pool Table

Buying A Used Pool Table

Buying a second hand billiard table can save you piles of cash, and is often well worth the little extra time you'll have to spend to find just the right one. Some billiard enthusiasts have even found that it was more cost effective to purchase a beat up, but very inexpensive table, and then pay an expert craftsman to bring it up to par.

Buying A Used Pool Table

If the used pool table you buy has never had the cushion rubber replaced you should consider having that done, or even doing it yourself. Because cushions are so important in how a table plays, you should reject any table where the top frame is not square, loose, or anything but a hundred percent solid. If the top frame is loose, not level, or square, the chances are that it can only get worse with time.

When considering which brand look for in a used pool table, there are the obvious solid choices. In general, when choosing brands, choose with the same scrutiny as you would if you were purchasing a brand new pool table. There will be a large selection of tables out there to choose from, and most are generally the same, with a few exceptions. You should choose based on your budget and the skill level of those who will most frequently be playing on the table. For casual family use, Gandy, Pro Line, and Brunswick tables have been recommended. These will run from approximately $1000 up to $4000, averaging about $2000 dollars. If you are looking for a high quality piece that you are looking to have in your family for years to come, Schmidt tables have been recommended but will run you anywhere from $5000 dollars up to $10000 dollars. Additionally, you should keep in mind that once you cross the $5000 dollar threshold, any table you purchase will be of very high quality and will all play about the same, assuming that they have been priced properly. Generally pricing past this point is more because of the craftsmanship and quality of the wood, or other material that surrounds the guts of the table. On the other hand, when you look at used pool tables priced under $1000, the quality and playability seems to really drop off.

You will also have to consider size of the room that the table will be housed in. If you are considering a larger table such as a nine foot by four foot one, make certain that you will have a good size room for it. There is more information on room sizing depending on the table size you are looking for on our home billiard rooms page. For example, for a table that size, you'll want a room that it at least 20 feet by 15 feet. If you don't have the size, select a smaller used pool table, or renovate your room. Tables generally come in seven, eight, and nine foot lengths, the latter being the regulation size for tournaments. Enthusiasts say that you should generally avoid seven foot tables. The are small, and will hinder your progress greatly when you suddenly try to have a game on a larger table.

When you have found a used pool table that you think suits your needs, ensure that you check the slate under the cloth. This obviously means that you will have to remove the cloth, but anyone selling a table should understand that this is a must for such a large investment, and will have factored the cost of a pool table re-covering in to the sale price. Make certain that the edges of the slate are not chipped in any way whatsoever, and that there are no other defects in the piece, or pieces. Three piece slate is a good choice, and generally, the thicker and heavier a slate you can get the better. The heavier the table, the more "solid" it will feel while you are playing. The color of felt can also be a consideration, but of course, it is only an aesthetic one.

While you are considering all of this advice in buying a used pool table, you should always be thinking that the more research and searching you do, and the more tables you look at, the more likely you'll be to make the best possible choice.

Buying A Used Pool Table

  • Title: Buying A Used Pool Table
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 9/9/2006 11:54:00 PM
  • Source: Internet

Buying A Used Pool Table

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Buying A Used Pool Table Comments

  1. jackg86jackg86 from Old Saybrook, CT on 2/16/2010 12:03:30 PM

    Good article on used billiard tables, but I was hoping that you might have a classified section for buying and selling used pool tables.

    I want to buy a table but only certain models and only so far from where I live. I've looked around your site and don't see anything that's like that. Seems it would make some money for the maintenance of the site if a fee were levied on the transactions. Craigslist is lacking in this category. eBay is better but I'm sure there are a lot of tables that are unused and unwanted that need a new life.

    I would like to adopt the right pool table but it's not easy to do on this or any other site right now.

    Great cue sports website by the way.

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