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Billiard Room Hall Etiquette

Billiard Room Hall Etiquette

If you are going to a different billiard room, you should be sure to adhere to the billiard room eitquette guidelines as well. A display of proper billiard room eitquette will ensure that you are invited back at another occassion. These billiard room eitquette guidelines apply whether you are playing at your local bar room pool table, a friend's house, a local pool hall, or fancy upscale billiard room. Displaying proper billiard room etiquette will earn you respect and an extended welcome. Likewise, if you have built your own home billiard room you'll undoubtedly want all players to respect the room, table, equipment, and any furniture that may be in there. If you are this person, you can post the billiard room etiquette guidelines listed below.

Billiard Room Etiquette - Respecting Other Billiard Players

An important aspect of billiard room etiquette is the respect of the other players in the pool room. Although billiards is generally a competitive sport, it also involves socializing with other players. The other players will expect, as you do, to be able to shoot without interruptions.

  • Avoid distracting any player who is in the process of making a shot. This is also known as sharking. Anything that would distract you while shooting should be avoided while the other player is making a shot.
  • Avoid making any noises while your opponent is shooting. Thus, avoid stirring the ice in your drink, chewing loudly, singing, whistling, humming, dropping things, clearing your throat, tapping your fingers, or making any other obnoxious or distracting noises.
  • Avoid standing at the table while the opponent is shooting. Especially avoid standing beside or behind the targeted pocket.
  • Avoid placing yourself, or making any deliberate movements in the view of the shooting player. Thus, avoid chalking your cue, sparking a cigar or cigarette, walking near the table, making deliberate arm or hand movements, and any other deliberate movements while in the shooting player's view.
  • Avoid doing anything vocally while another player is shooting, including coughing, singing, talking, clearning your throat, whistling, and humming.
  • Avoid hustling other players in a friendly game environment.
  • Avoid changing the lighting while other players are shooting. This includes turning on or off the lights, dimming or brightening the lights, or moving a lamp.
  • Avoid coaching other players in the billiard room unless they specifically as you for your exertise or help. Unsolicited coaching is a form of sharking and is generally considered rude and unwelcomed.
  • Avoid the use of excuses for any shots that you are unsuccessful at making.
  • Avoid criticizing the game and skill of other players.

Billiard Room Etiquette - Respecting The Billiard Room

Respect for the billiard room is an important part of billiard room etiquette. Nobody likes to play in a pool room that is dirty, littered with trash, or covered in cigarette ashes.

  • Be sure to return all of the equipment to the proper location when you have finished your session. This includes the return of all billiard balls to their tray, pool cues to their racks or cases, chalk to its holder, and mechanical bridges to their racks.
  • If the billiard room allows smoking, and you indeed smoke in billiard rooms be sure to make use of ashtrays and always avoid bringing your lit cigarette to the table when your inning starts. Also avoid disposing of your ashes on the floor and never put out a butt with your foot.

Billiard Room Etiquette - Respecting the Billiard Equipment

The third aspect of billiard room etiquette involves the billiard room equipment. Pool, billiard, and snooker equipment and furniture can be extremely expensive, and if it is not cared for and respected, you may not be asked back to the billiard room.

  • Avoid the use of hand chalk, even if it is provided for you. You can replace this habit and the functionality that it provides by simply using a billiard glove. They are clean, and they provide the same functionality as the messy hand chalk.
  • Avoid bringing drinks or food of any kind to the table with you during your inning. Food can leave crumbs with will obstruct play, and spilled beverages can damage and stain billiard table cloth.
  • Avoid placing undue strain on the pool cues. Especially don't lean on the cues, and don't place the pool cue across the back of your shoulders and wrap your arms around the back of it. Cues will warp easily when subjected this kind of abuse.
  • Avoid sliding the rack all over the foot spot if you are racking the balls. This places undue stress on the cloth, and causes premature wear and tear. If you must move it around to adjust the object balls, you can lift the rack slightly off of the cloth.
  • Never sit or lean on the edges of the billiard table whether you are making a shot or waiting for your inning. Doing so can throw the billiard table out of balance, cause the rails to loosen, and scratch the finish. Use the mechanical bridge for any shot you can't play a particular shot from the standing position.
  • Avoid smoking over the table. The cigar or cigarette can leave burn marks and unwanted ashes.
  • Avoid chalking your cue tip over the table, and when you are finished with the chalk, avoid leaving it face down on the rails.

Hopefully these ideas will help you learn billiard hall or pool room etiquette.

Billiard Room Hall Etiquette

  • Title: Billiard Room Hall Etiquette
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  • Published: 12/30/2008 1:07:00 AM
  • Last Updated: 1/7/2017 5:38:42 PM
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Billiard Room Hall Etiquette

The Billiard Room Hall Etiquette article belongs to the Home Billiard Room Accessories category. Articles relating to accessories and other home billiard room equipment.

Billiard Room Hall Etiquette Comments

  1. MrPhilHarmonicMrPhilHarmonic from Freehold, NJ on 3/31/2012 8:23:15 PM

    I once got into some stupid argument when I asked a parent to stop his wretched brat kid from THROWING snooker balls onto the bed of the snooker table at our pool hall. I really HATE to see anyone, not just a kid, disrespecting equipment in this feeble minded way. Eventually I got the parent (and the kid) thrown out of the snooker room, but it really makes me despair of how future generations are going to behave if they are not brought up with proper etiquette!

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