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Billiard Christmas Gift Guide 2001 by Dufferin Games

This is the billiard gift idea portion of the 2001 Dufferin Games Holiday gift guide.

Billiard Christmas Gift Guide 2001 by Dufferin Games

On your mark, get set, shop! It's that time of year again when we begin the hunt for the perfect holiday gift for giving. Dufferin Games Ltd., Canada's largest retailer of billiards, games and unique leisure product, offers its Annual Top 10 Gift Suggestions in order to help you spend more time enjoying this holiday season with family and friends, and less time battling the crowds.

"Each year, our buyers scour world markets and trade shows for fresh, innovative ideas and products," says Terry Rowe, Director of Corporate Store Operations, Dufferin Games Ltd., Toronto. "This year, our list of Top 10 gifts strongly reflects the trend towards classic leisure activities like billiards and board games as society searches for ways to strengthen quality family time."

Whether you are shopping for the trivia buff, jigsaw puzzle fanatic, billiards enthusiast or sports fan, Dufferin Games' Top 10 gift ideas are sure to rack up some excitement during the holidays!

  1. D1 Billiard Table - Form and function for your game room!

    Introducing the newest billiard table design in the billiards industry. Dufferin Games has expanded on conventional thinking to suit décor-conscious consumers looking for a contemporary addition to their game rooms. Clean, modern lines, an expert playing surface and choice of state-of-the-art finishes like Cyber Blue, Sparkle Black and Maple, make the D1 billiard table a guaranteed conversation piece!

  2. Spider-ManTMCue and Case Special - The MarvelTMconnection to playing pool!

    Scale the pool table and wrap your web around the newest cue to hit the market. Collectors everywhere have been anticipating the release of the first Spider-Man™ billiard cue, available exclusively through Dufferin Games. Each of these new cues, featuring Spider-Man™ crawling up his web, comes with a protective hard oval case, a winning combination that will make this year's gift giving easy!

  3. CraniumTM - You will not believe what your friends can do!

  4. Dufferin Games College Foosball - Score some fun with this foosball favorite!
  5. NHLTM Original Six Hockey Stool - Travel back in time to the founding teams of the NHLTM!
  6. MarvelTM Trivia - Venture into the Marvel TM Universe with this challenging trivia game!
  7. Thomas Kinkade Sight & Sound Puzzle - Where the digital age meets a classic pastime!
  8. Pool Table Golf Game - Who said golf can't be a part of winter recreation?

    Take a break from eight ball and see how Pool Table Golf can put you into the swing of family fun. This strategic twist on billiards play is on par with golf's true challenge! Rack the balls in the outlined patterns and see who can sink everything in the least amount of strokes

  9. SimpsonsTM Darts - Don't have a cow man! Aim for the bull!

  10. Oak Spectator Chair & Pub Table - The game room dream team!

    Dress your game room in style and function. This distinctive set of game room furniture provides the perfect vantage point for viewing the billiards action. The specially designed spectator chair comes with built-in billiard cue rest and drink holder. The pub-style table makes a great companion to the spectator chair. Both are available in optional upholstery and wood finishes

Dufferin Games Ltd., is a Toronto-based global manufacturer, distributor and retailer of billiard cues and tables, game room furniture and accessories. There are 25 Dufferin Games stores across the country in Ontario , British Columbia , Alberta , Saskatchewan , Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

Billiard Christmas Gift Guide 2001 by Dufferin Games

  • Title: Billiard Christmas Gift Guide 2001 by Dufferin Games
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 11/1/2001 6:55:30 AM

Billiard Christmas Gift Guide 2001 by Dufferin Games

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