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Antique Billiard Tables The Older The Better

Antique Billiard Tables The Older The Better

Billiard tables have been manufactured since the early 1800s and have even been mentioned in some works of Shakespeare. The billiard table is part of English and American culture and has been shared and embraced by many people around the world. Old billiard tables are still being used not only to play games but also as priceless works of art. Many of these old billiard tables are antique billiard tables.

There are different kinds of antique billiard table designs. Some of them vary in their dimensions, depending on the specific type of billiard game they are for. The different types of antique billiard tables include carom billiard tables, snooker tables, pocket billiard tables and tables without pockets.

Antique billiard tables may have intricate details and use some of the best types of wood. Some of the wood may age and appreciate in quality as the years go by. Some wood on old billiard tables change color over time, tending to become deeper and richer.

Some antique billiard tables have French style pockets with tassels to give the table more character. Details include carvings in various styles such as Corinthian designs, French designs, English designs and others. Some even have metal trimmings to add more definition.

The legs of various antique billiard tables usually have a distinct look compared to the conventional type used in modern times. Antique billiard tables usually stand on four legs that are artistically shaped and detailed. They come in different varieties and styles.

The price of an antique billiard table usually depends on the condition and age of the table. Sometimes applying furniture cleaner to the wood of the billiard table can actually depreciate its value. If there\'s damage on the billiard table, the value also depreciates. But if the antique billiard table is still in good condition despite its age, it will earn a high price in an auction.

Antique Billiard Tables The Older The Better

  • Title: Antique Billiard Tables The Older The Better
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 12/1/2008 10:16:00 PM

Antique Billiard Tables The Older The Better

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