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Jennifer Barretta FHM

FHM cushions up to professional pool's hottest ball-sinker.

Jennifer Barretta FHM

Jennifer Barretta FHM

Jennifer Barretta is without a doubt one of the hottest female billiard players in the world, and her appearance in FHM Magazine is no execption.

Jennifer Barretta Graces the Pages of FHM Magazine

May 2004 FHM US With Jennifer Barretta

You probably know by now that the Billiards Forum has a "jones on" for Jennifer Barretta. In fact, I've got a copy of the FHM magazine featuring the billiard professional vixen, and thought I'd do a quick article. The issue has Pam Anderson (Whose face is nowhere near as nice looking as Jennifer Barretta's) featured on the cover, and features photos of Jennifer Barretta doing a bikini photo shoot on a pool table. She is also interviewed in the magazine, where she gives a few billiard tips, but like most FHM articles, the interview is geared around sex and relationship questions. That's fine by us! Check out some scans of her in FHM Magazine looking cute and classy as ever. If you are interested in getting a real copy, you can order back issues from FHM directly.

Jennifer Barretta FHM Magazine Photo Shoot

Jennifer Barretta FHM 1 Jennifer Barretta FHM 2 Jennifer Barretta FHM 3 Jennifer Barretta FHM 4

The images shown are © FHM Magazine (US edition).

Jennifer Barretta is Hot in FHM Magazine

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Jennifer Barretta is a very hot pool player (hot in skills, and hot in looks), and we love her in FHM Magazine. She looks classy as ever, and makes pool and billiards very exciting to watch. We've also got a couple of pool players forum posts going on about Jennifer Barretta's sexiness!

Jennifer Barretta FHM - Page 26, 27 Jennifer Barretta FHM - Page 28 Jennifer Barretta FHM - Guest Editor Note

The images shown are © FHM Magazine (US edition).

Jennifer Barretta Article in May 2004 FHM Magazine

"That was very painful for me," says pro pool player Jennifer Barretta after the last snap of FHM's photo shoot. Not the cheery ending we were hoping for. What did we do?

"It's not you," says the 35-year-old beauty, sensing our shock. "And trust me, I'm totally comfortable in a bikini - it's that rolling around on a rock-hard pool table for two hours hurts like hell. I don't normally do that. I've never even made out on one. I treat the table with respect."

That becomes clear when FHM later meets the Women's Professional Billiards Association's hottest at a New York City pool hall for a game and a chat.

"Here's the deal," she announces as she removes her cue from its custom bag. "You can't ask me questions while it's my turn because it throws me off. I might talk to you, but that's up to me." Fair enough. The only problem is that FHM doesn't get to hit a single ball in our first two games: Jennifer runs the table and we don't get a question in before we call it quits. Instead, she tells us about growing up in Norristown, PA, competing in fitness competitions - "They're beauty competitions with muscles" - and how she took up the game after realizing she could play pool better than the men in her life. Jennifer tells us these things as she circles the table in high-heeled boots, sinking every damn shot.

"Some female players say their breasts get in the way, but I swear it helps," she says. "If the cue is under my breast, rubbing a bit, I know I'm lined up correctly."

By the end of game two, a crowd has gathered to watch Jennifer kick FHM's ass. "How did you learn such great shaft handling?" we ask, scratching what would be our only shot all night. "Look, I've heard all those lines before," Jennifer replies. "'Stick-and-ball control,' 'Being a ball-breaker.' Real pool players don't make those jokes." It's not for the first time this evening we're silenced. Well, what do real pool players do, Jennifer?

"I practice six hours a day," she explains. "And I train with a coach once a week." A coach? "Pool is a sport, not a game. I even asked him for advice before the photo shoot. He didn't have a problem with it, but he wasn't much help instructing me on how to be sexy on top of a pool table." And how will the women's pool establishment react to Jennifer's FHM appearance?

"They're not going to like it. Pool is very conservative, but I've spent my whole life in bikinis, so it doesn't compromise my morals at all," she says. The pool hierarchy should be proud to have Jennifer on the tour though. Hell, she doesn't even hustle fat men in bars to supplement her income.

"Well, that's not entirely true," she concedes. "I don't like playing the game for money, but I've definitely hustled a boy or two into a game of strip pool."

Couple of other sample images from the shoot:

Jennifer Barretta FHM Shoot Extras 1 Jennifer Barretta FHM Shoot Extras 2 Jennifer Barretta FHM Shoot Extras 3 Jennifer Barretta FHM Shoot Extras 4

The images shown are © FHM Magazine (US edition).

Players mentioned in this news article include:

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  • Published: 7/29/2006 4:34:00 PM
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Jennifer Barretta FHM Comments

  1. Bill CBill C from Manassas, VA on 5/4/2008 4:32:16 PM

    Jennifer is a very pretty women but Allison Fisher showed her how pool is played and will do it again. If she wants to be a real pool player I suggest she spend more time learning how to play pool rather then taking sexy pictures by the pool table. Take your pretty pictures away from the pool table until you beat Allison.

  2. user1218248906user1218248906 from Mesa, AZ on 8/9/2008 2:28:26 AM

    Fuck off Bill. Jennifer Barretta is a babe and she's the next big thing in billiards.

  3. daniel sheetsdaniel sheets from CA, United States on 6/20/2009 6:31:37 PM

    It is nice to see young women in the sport of billiards. It is a pleasure to see someone with self confidence and ability. After all, we're only young once.

  4. James in ManillaJames in Manilla from Manila, National Capital Region on 8/19/2009 6:31:51 PM

    Do you have sexy pics of Samm Diep?

  5. JohnelewJohnelew from AR, United States on 5/19/2015 3:38:48 PM

    Not to mention Jennifer Barretta absolutely the most beautiful lady in the game!

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