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Pool on TV 2018-2019

Pool on TV 2018-2019

I've been wondering about pool on TV in 2018-2019.

I haven't seen any cue sports on TV in a while and didn't know if it was still being televised.

Is pool still on TV and if it is when does it come on?

Pool on TV 2018-2019

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  1. Stewart Poulnottbilliardsforum on 11/24/2018 4:53:50 AM

    Sadly no. ESPN was one of the last ones to regularly televise cue sports, but they no longer do so.

    Most of the good stuff is live-streamed over a variety of internet channels these days, so if you have a smart tv, apple tv, or google chromecast, you can stream it to your TV.

    A quick google search for billiards live streams should get you plenty of good content.

    If you were looking for something specific, let us know, and I might be able to suggest a specific one.

    There have been some other discussions about pool on TV on this forum, and there are a few articles:

    If you do end up finding anything, please post here. I'd love to know if there is in fact billiards on network TV these days!

  2. Stewart PoulnottStewart Poulnott on 11/27/2018 9:17:40 PM

    Ok thanks for feedback. I'll check out the other forums.

    PS: Roku has a billiards channel which has a lot of lesser known players there.

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Pool on TV 2018-2019

  • Title: Pool on TV 2018-2019
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  • Published: 11/23/2018 9:42:30 PM
  • Last Updated: 11/24/2018 4:47:13 AM
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