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China Billiard Exhibition 2013 - Invitation

China Billiard Exhibition 2013 - Invitation

China Billiard Exhibition 2013 - Invitation

Press Release Date: March 8, 2013

When and Where: April 3rd - 5th, 2013 at the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex

Only less than one month to see the most influential and No.1 business expo in billiards industry - China Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition (GBE 2013) stage! Don't forget and miss the important date and venue: April 3rd-5th, 2013 & China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex. Or you must feel regretful and miss many business opportunities! Please remember GBE always appreciates all of the insiders' support and are awaiting your attendance!

13,000 square meters, 160 exhibitors, 12,000 visitors from 40 countries and regions are waiting for your attention! Our regular exhibitors and international brands never miss the feast, included Shender, Yalin, Predator Group (USA), Lucasi Hybrid (USA), Leo, Kanghom, Jianying, Sampro, Wiraka, Rasson, Fury Cues, PALKO PTY LTD and ATS( Both from Australia), Iwan Simonis (Belgium), Hainsworth Cloth England, Longoni Cues Italy, All Table Sports Australia, Strachan 6811(TM) (UK), Ball teck Korea and Cosmos(Korea), Aramith Ball Belgium, Sam 8 Ball Stand Co(UK), Master Cues, Mezz Cues, etc. Their participation further highlights GBE's comprehensive influence.

Influenced by the international financial crisis, the billiards industry has continuously experienced downturn in European and American countries. However, rapid growth has been achieved in China. Under this circumstance, GBE provides incomparable opportunities for overseas companies in this line to explore Chinese market, strengthen international market and establish strategic cooperation. With diversified products and innovative design showcased, all manufacturers, agents or dealers will participate in GBE to seek business opportunities and strengthen international cooperation. It's no doubt that GBE have grown up to the weather vane in the industry!

Being a grand feast in billiards industry, GBE has not only developed into a high-end commercial platform, but also become an essential channel for brand showcase and technical exchange. Besides, it also aims to popularize billiards culture. By staging a series of activities like billiards forum and training teenage snooker players, GBE plays a positive role in promoting industrial development and market cultivation. After several years of hard work, GBE has gained recognition and support from domestic and foreign businesses.

With various kinds of equipment and accessories displayed in exhibition halls, we may marvel at the present popularity of billiards sport in China as it was considered as a kind of demoralizing activity years ago. Facing this huge shift, perhaps China's billiards companies should stay clam and think of workable ways to take a market share during the strong international competition. To achieve this goal, we still have to work harder.

China Billiard Exhibition 2013 - Invitation

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China Billiard Exhibition 2013 - Invitation

  • Title: China Billiard Exhibition 2013 - Invitation
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 3/14/2013 7:07:46 AM