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Billiards Television and Televised Billiards

Billiards Television and Televised Billiards

Some of you know that I have been running a website called "Billiard Television" and have an interest in TV and naturally, it's "depiction" of the sport of billiards.

I was watching the US Open 9-Ball Championship on SportsNet East (a Canadian Cable Television Network) and I just felt that something was lacking. I mean, we've made comparisons here before between billiards and the big 4 sports (hockey, football, basketball, baseball) and I just didn't think that billiards broadcasts were up to the standards of the broadcasts of the big 4 sports.

So here is my question...

Do you all think that the televised billiard matches are as good as they can get? Do they need improvement? Better directing? Better players? (Think how theatrical Alex Pagualayan can be - A treat to watch in my opinion)

What would you change, if anything?

Like I said before, I've been into a lot of online television stuff lately, including the taping of live shows. In a few years, we might be in a position to get in there and do some live broadcasts. Any input now would help!

Billiards Television and Televised Billiards

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