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Billiards in the Olympics

Billiards in the Olympics

I blogged about billiards in the Olympics 2 years ago on my billiard blog, and now that the 2008 Olympics are underway, the though crossed my mind yet again of having billiards in the Olympic Games. Here is the original post from 2006.

In the 2002 Asian Games in Busan, South Korea, billiards was treated as a sport, and included as an event. The Philippines won three gold medals at the games, one of which came from billiards.

My question is; why not make billiards a Olympic sport? The top players spend as much time honing their skills as other participants from other games. In many ways, it is like curling, which made its Olympic debut at the original Olympic Games in 1924.

Rather than playing on ice, billiards is a similar precision sport which is played on a table. Not much difference though.

I'll be money that someday we'll see billiards and/or snooker in the Olympics. Comments and criticisms welcomed.

Billiards in the Olympics

Replies & Comments

  1. billiardsforumFenwick on 8/9/2008 1:12:29 PM

    I had to do a search to see just what sports are included in the 2008 Olympics. I don't follow it as close as I once did. I see, Archery, Sailing and Shooting. Sports that are something I would consider less strenuous or demanding physically then Swimming, Rowing or a Triathlon but still demand a very high skill level. Did Bowling, another sport in decline ever make it to the Olympics?

    Making some form of Billiards part of the Olympics could do wonders to promote the sport, game. I'm on the same page choosing Billiards or Snooker over Pool. Both are games where luck seems to play the smallest roll as compared to say 9 ball.

    Yes I think it's possible and I would watch but I would not bet on it at this time.

  2. billiardsforumbilliardsforum on 8/14/2008 9:31:19 PM

    I did some more research on this - and on historical attempts to get billiards into the Olympics.

    Click the link for the article that resulted from the research. Some very interesting stuff in there. It's like we're so close, yet so far away.

  3. billiardsforumquickshot on 8/14/2008 10:56:47 PM

    I also believe that billiards or snooker should be in the games. I also believe that straight (14.1) should be on the card. I think if people watch someone running off 100 balls they would find it interesting.

    I also believe that until all the worlds billiard organizations get together and make it happen, it won't.

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Billiards in the Olympics

  • Title: Billiards in the Olympics
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 8/9/2008 9:47:57 AM