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Benefits of Original Italian Slate for Pool Tables

This article about billiard table slate was written by Mr. G. Millione (staff of Professor Q Ball) but is no longer online. It is a great piece so we wanted to publish it here for future readers.

Benefits of Original Italian Slate for Pool Tables

Technology, Craftsmanship, Reputation, Scientifically Proven, Surface Integrity, Durability; these words indelibly apply to Original Italian Slate (OIS).

Endorsed by professional players, billiard store owners, and thousands of happy customers. Original Italian Slate is the gold standard for top notch billiard, pocket pool, and snooker tables. Since 1830 when John Thurston introduced commercially available slate to the world of billiards, no other playing surface material has proven to be as remarkably consistent in levelness of surface area or trueness of roll. Italian slate is easy to handle and fit to pool tables of all sizes. And because of its inherent geologic elastic scientific properties, slate is highly resistant to warpage from environmental effects like humidity and temperature thus its reputation for level playing stability has been assured since its introduction in the 1800ʼs.

Italian slate companies in the Ligurian region of central Italy extract the slate from environmentally safe underground quarries. Important environmental benefits of underground quarries means minimal pollutants, low noise levels, protective underground blasting, forestry preservation, re-cycling and purification of water, and preservation/restoration of the land in use. Italian labor policies ensure the proper protection for laborers such as: organized labor laws, skilled and approved workforce, and minimum age requirements. The Italian Trade Commisision supports all environmental applications required to mine and process our superior quality slate.

Once the raw material is in the factory, Italian slate processors employ computer controlled manufacturing and calibration techniques which ultimately insure a premier level surface area with equal perimetral holes. Each slate surface and all pockets are hand-finished to a perfect smoothness unparalleled in reputation and craftsmanship. When you play billiards/pool on Original Italian Slate you are playing the sport in league with world professionals. They insist on Original Italian Slate and you should also.

Professional billiard/pool players familiar with Original Italian Slate know they are getting the best refined playing surface money can buy. And considering all the fine qualities for which Leani slate is known, 1 to 2 inch slate is cost effective being available on playing tables within the price range of the average US wage earner. Players all over the world know that the most important part of buying a pool table is the playing surface. Buying a pool table with Original Italian Slate ensures you will be playing on the best possible surface on Earth! Though the brand of the actual table is an important concern for the buyer, it should be secondary to the playing surface on which the balls roll.

Original Italian Slate comes in all sizes for your billiard needs:

  • Coin-Op Tables - One Piece Slate
  • Pool Tables - Three Piece Slate
  • Snooker Tables - Three and Five Piece Slate

To make sure that you are buying a table equipped with Original Italian Slate please look for the OIS stickers on the lower face of each section.

Please feel free to contact the Italian Trade Commission for supporting materials to increase your billiard sales such as: brochures, videos ("Italian Slate the Optimal Playing Surface" and "Sell More With Italian Slate"), information on customer distribution and OIS initiatives.

Benefits of Original Italian Slate for Pool Tables

  • Title: Benefits of Original Italian Slate for Pool Tables
  • Author: (Gerald Millione)
  • Published: 10/7/2007 11:48:01 PM
  • Last Updated: 11/20/2016 10:22:08 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)

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