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The Point And Pivot System by Hal Houle

The Point And Pivot System by Hal Houle

I have worked on figuring out the The Point And Pivot method for about 4 years and I finally understand 90 percent of it. I am referring to Hal Houle's aiming system, if you like to call it a system that is. I prefer not to call it a system.

Any comments would be appreciated. I know this has be a topic before I am guessing, and I am trying to re open it.

I really believe I have some of the major keys to it and I am trying to see if I am on the right track.

What drew me to this is several years back I bought a pool table, and I determined I wanted yo be a good player so I started working on it. One day I started moving around the pool table in a rotation fashion, stopped got in the shot position and stroked, and made the ball in the pocket.

So my quest for answers started. I went to the Internet and started searching, I typed in Pool Pivot, and what do you know, Hal Houle's aiming system popped up.

For about the last year or so I have worked on it because it sounded a lot like what I did to make my shots.I really don't aim, I watch the pool table to make my shots. I am now trying to perfect it.

Any comments on the Hal Houle point and Pivot system from believers or non believers, that if understood, it is the key to to making any make-able shot?

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