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Sure Shot Pool Cue Aiming Sight

Sure Shot Pool Cue Aiming Sight

Introducing a new billiards product, the sure shot billiards cue sight

Some info:

Sure-Shot Billiards Cue Sight

Hello, My name is David Evans.

The way I came up with the idea for the Sure Shot Billiard Cue Sight is, one day, while shooting pool I came across a guy who had only use of one arm.

So to make the game even I chose to shoot with only one arm as well. In doing this I realized by looking down the shaft of the cue, aiming was more difficult and it was harder to see the tip of the cue. That's when the idea came to me, a sight similar to one that is on the barrel of a rifle.

After months of research the final design of the Sure Shot Billiard Cue Sight was created and months later by using it on the tip of my cue my aiming became better and also found it helped with cue stroke correction aka twisting of the wrist.

This tool was invented by me to help better your aim and stroke as well as for your enjoyment and I hope that you enjoy using the Sure Shot Billiard Cue Sight.

Reply to contact us for a free sample.


Sure Shot Pool Cue Aiming Sight

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Sure Shot Pool Cue Aiming Sight

  • Title: Sure Shot Pool Cue Aiming Sight
  • Author:
  • Published: 10/6/2017 1:37:29 PM
  • Last Updated: 2/28/2018 10:08:24 PM
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