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Teetering Object Ball

Teetering Object Ball

I read somewhere that if an OB is teetering on the edge of a pocket it has to fall in 5 seconds to be a legal ball. If it falls after five seconds because someone bumped the table or some other reason it has to be re-spotted and put back in play. I cannot remember where I read this. I checked the 8 ball rules on this site and it was not there. I need this to settle a discussion.

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Teetering Object Ball

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  1. quickshotGinger on 4/27/2008 7:30:17 AM

    We'll, I believe you are right, in that it wouldn't be legal. The general rules (BCA) insinuate that the only way a ball can be legally pocketed is via a legal shot. I'd say that a ball resting on the side that ultimately falls due to a bump is pocketed as a result of something other than a legal shot.

  2. quickshotMitch Alsup on 4/27/2008 1:22:32 PM

    Does the 5 second rule begin when the ball stops at the pocket, or when the last ball on the table stops moving?

  3. quickshotquickshot on 4/27/2008 9:07:01 PM

    I tend to agree with Ginger. If the ball drops due to an outside source it is not really a legal shot. The five second rule starts when the OB stops of its own volition. I'm going to pursue this further because I want to find the source of the ruling.

    I finally found the source for the 5 sec rule. I found it in the rules of play for the World Pool-Billiards Association.

    General Rules The following General Rules apply to all the games covered by these rules except when contradicted by specific game rules. In addition, the Regulations of Pool Billiards cover aspects of the game not directly related to the game rules.

    8.3 If a ball stops near the edge of a pocket, and remains apparently motionless for five seconds, it is not considered pocketed if it later falls into the pocket by itself. See 1.7 Balls Settling for other details. During that five second period, the referee should ensure that no other shot is taken.

    1.7 Balls Settling A ball may settle slightly after it appears to have stopped, possibly due to slight imperfections in the ball or the table. Unless this causes a ball to fall into a pocket, it is considered a normal hazard of play, and the ball will not be moved back. If a ball falls into a pocket as the result of such settling, it is restored as closely as possible to its original position. If a settling ball falls into a pocket during or just prior to a shot, and this has an effect on the shot, the referee will restore the position and the shot will be replayed. The shooter is not penalized for shooting while a ball is settling. See also 8.3 Ball Pocketed.

    And furthermore, from the BCA:

    BCA world standardized rules Under General rules section 1.49 "Balls Settling or Moving"

    3 "If a ball is hanging on the lip of a pocket and falls onto that pocket by itself after the shooter has left the table to discontinue their inning or after being stationary for 5 seconds or longer, it will be placed as closely as possible as it was prior to falling".

    In places with wooden floors this happens more that you think it would. Weird as it sems.

    Rod Gustafson BCA Instructor

  4. quickshotbilliardsforum on 5/2/2008 5:30:39 AM

    Good find quick, I'm not sure how I missed that one! a totally explains the whole situation.

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Teetering Object Ball

  • Title: Teetering Object Ball
  • Author: (Jim Walsh)
  • Published: 4/26/2008 9:52:52 PM