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Penalty for Touching Pocketed Balls During a Game of 8 Ball

Penalty for Touching Pocketed Balls During a Game of 8 Ball

What is the penalty for touching a pocketed ball with your hand during a game of 8 ball?

What about for picking up and removing a pocketed ball from the pocket (but not putting on the pool table's playing surface) before a game of 8 ball is finished?

In one of our doubles 8-ball games, my partner began picking out some pocketed balls in anticipation of my pocketing a seemingly easy, final 8 ball, but I missed.

The other guys said, and insisted, that because my partner prematurely brought out some pocketed balls, that we automatically lose the game.

I argued that pocketed balls are "dead balls" and that touching them or bringing some out (but not yet placing them on the pool table surface) ahead of my pocketing the 8 ball was not a serious infraction as to cause us to lose the game.

This is my position, and I think I am supported by the rules of the game. I will appreciate your clarification on the matter.

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