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Is This an 8 Ball Foul?

Is This an 8 Ball Foul?

Let's say that I am stripes, i hit the cue into a stripe and knock it into the designated pocket. While the cue ball is still bouncing around, it knocks into a solid and knocks the solid in. Is that considered a foul since the opponents ball wasn't called as part of the shot or is it legal to do that and the shooter still keeps their turn?

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Is This an 8 Ball Foul?

Replies & Comments

  1. guestbilliardsforum on 9/20/2007 8:37:23 PM

    Your inning continues here because you have struck one of your own object balls first.

  2. guestAndyV on 9/20/2007 11:26:24 PM

    What if same situation but you sink one of your own balls without calling it?

  3. guestbilliardsforum on 12/2/2007 11:20:04 AM

    It will all depend on whether you are playing a call-shot version of 8 ball or not. No-Slop wouldn't allow that to happen without calling the specifics.

  4. guestguest on 12/30/2007 10:14:11 AM

    say i'm stripes, what if i hit stripes and it doesnt get potted in but at the same time the stripes accidently hits the opponent's solid and get's potted in instead. is it considered a foul and does the opponent get the ball in hand or does the opponent continue his turn as per normal without treating the white ball as ball in hand?

  5. guestsam h on 1/1/2008 11:57:51 PM

    if this happens it is just your opponents shot from where the ball stops. it is no ball in hand.

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Is This an 8 Ball Foul?

  • Title: Is This an 8 Ball Foul?
  • Author:
  • Published: 9/18/2007 7:07:37 PM