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Hitting 8-Ball off Opponents Ball Before Going In

Hitting 8-Ball off Opponents Ball Before Going In

In a game of "straight-in" 8 ball, can the 8-ball be hit off an opponents ball before going into the called pocket?

This question relates to the following billiard rules:

Hitting 8-Ball off Opponents Ball Before Going In

Replies & Comments

  1. sad4305Fenwick on 2/10/2008 6:54:34 PM

    This is why I hesitate to join an 8 ball league. There are so many, or too many, versions of 8 ball.

    After looking at the BCA rule book I could not find the official answer to your question. The people I play with do not make you call a kiss shot on the 8 ball as you described but a bank shot must be called. I have had some players call it a foul and lose of game if the 8 ball touches a rail on the way to a pocket. They claimed it is a bank shot? That was in the Greater Metropolitan Pool League from years ago.

    It is best to set the rules before playing any game of 8 ball. If your playing straight in, a game I'm not familiar with, I would guess a kiss is not allowed? Someone with first hand knowledge of straight in could give you a better answer.

  2. sad4305sad4305 on 2/10/2008 7:01:26 PM

    Thanks for your feedback Fenwick. This was supposed to be a "friendly" game between neighbors and it's escalated into some very ill feelings. Hopefully I'll get some additional replies, but it sounds like the rule should be discussed before the game starts.

  3. sad4305billiardsforum on 2/10/2008 7:06:23 PM

    Agreed, I don't think there is an official need to call that shot you described.

    I'm also all for clarifying rules before play, but it is impossible to run through every situation before hand.

  4. sad4305Fenwick on 2/10/2008 9:12:37 PM

    "This was supposed to be a "friendly" game between neighbors and it's escalated into some very ill feelings."

    That is a sad thing when a friendly game goes sour. I have a neighbor who wants to play but if, I repeat, ( if ), I were to beat him on his own table I would not feel right and think he would feel even worse. It has happened to me before with other friends. Plus he insists on playing for money. I don't want or need his money and the hard feelings that goes with it! Do you live in my subdivision. Just kidding.

    "I'm also all for clarifying rules before play, but it is impossible to run through every situation before hand."

    I agree 100%. I guess you need to ask before every shot when playing with strangers or friends. But in bar leagues, BCA certified, you can not ask a question of your opponent, team captain or team mate as that is considered coaching or unsportsmanlike conduct. And if you play Ball in Hand you have to ask before you pick up the Cue Ball or that is a foul also! You can not catch a ball going into a pocket including the Cue Ball. That rule I agree with.

    The funny thing is that I just had this conversation with a straight pool buddy recently about how the game of 8 ball has changed from bad to worse; just our humble opinion. That is the reason that a group of us only play pool with each other; we're older and mellower. If playing with a stranger I will ask as many rule questions I can think of. Do your self a favor and go to the BCA official rules web site or the pool rules section here.

    Print a copy and ask where it states your shot was a foul. This might, I would hope, end the bad feelings?

    By the way, since getting back to playing this last October after doing other things in life, I have been wrong many times on many issues or rules and have had come back the next day to say I was wrong about a rule. I think that is what reasonable adults do.

  5. sad4305Firework on 5/19/2008 7:05:30 AM

    "... A combination shot can never be used to legally pocket the 8-ball, except when the 8-ball is the first ball contacted in the shot sequence..."

    So If the cue ball touches 8-ball first - other things don't matter, this is legal shot. (but it's regarding the game of "8-ball" pool).

  6. sad4305quickshot on 6/9/2008 1:10:19 AM

    If it is a called straight-in shot that is exactly what it is. And in MHO a combination shot would not be a legal 8 ball shot. I think the shot is self explanatory. Straight in is straight in with out any detours. Not even a wavy line.

  7. sad4305blackmantis24 on 7/4/2008 5:25:25 PM

    I agree with @quickshot. If it is supposed to be straight in, I think if it touches the cushion first, its not legal much less anything else.

  8. sad4305dlabout on 7/21/2008 2:49:30 PM

    Wow, call me crazy but this "straight-in" game sounds a little difficult.

    You could pick at the rules to what ever degree you like.

    Contacting a short rail is a bank, contacting the inside of the point of a pocket is contacting a rail. Contacting kisses, and the like makes a fun game a complicated game.

    You will find that in most cases if you go by "call the ball and the pocket" rules this will eliminate all the arguments.

    I have found that those who wish to hold players to kisses and short rails don't typically have enough control of the game to execute shots cleanly.

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Hitting 8-Ball off Opponents Ball Before Going In

  • Title: Hitting 8-Ball off Opponents Ball Before Going In
  • Author:
  • Published: 2/10/2008 6:04:57 PM