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Hit Opponent's Ball First to Pocket 8 Ball (Coin-Op)

Hit Opponent's Ball First to Pocket 8 Ball (Coin-Op)

I have a question about the rules for playing on coin operated pool tables and shooting at an opponent's ball first to pocket the 8 ball.

What happens when you are shooting to pocket the 8-ball, and you hit the opponent's ball first, and then hit the 8 ball?

Do you lose the game automatically or do you just lose your shot?

This question relates to the following billiard rules:

Hit Opponent's Ball First to Pocket 8 Ball (Coin-Op)

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  1. dldplmjr5billiardsforum on 1/22/2010 12:11:19 PM

    According to the general rules of pocket billiards, as well as the rules for 8-ball pool, this wouldn't be a legal shot and results in a foul. Not loss of game.

    There is no difference to this rule when playing on a coin-operated pool table.

    For a shot to be legal, you must first contact a ball from your own group. Failure to do so results in a "wrong ball first" foul, and the shooting player's inning is over.

    According to the World Pool and Billiard association rules the shooting player must contact one of her own balls first.

    3.9 Standard Fouls

    If the shooter commits a foul, play passes to his opponent. The cue ball is in hand, and the incoming player may place it anywhere on the playing surface. (See 1.5 Cue Ball in Hand.)

    The following are standard fouls at eight ball:

    • 6.1 Cue Ball Scratch or off the Table
    • 6.2 Wrong Ball First The first ball contacted by the cue ball on each shot must belong to the shooter’s group, except when the table is open.

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Hit Opponent's Ball First to Pocket 8 Ball (Coin-Op)

  • Title: Hit Opponent's Ball First to Pocket 8 Ball (Coin-Op)
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  • Published: 1/14/2010 2:05:08 PM
  • Last Updated: 3/4/2019 3:27:18 AM
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