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help clear up game shot

help clear up game shot

i have been playing pool for 20 years. the other night a friend and i were playing eight ball and he shot his eightball at the corner pocket. the que ball came off the eight and hit my 2 ball. my 2 ball fell in before the eight ball. he thought he won and i dont think so. but mybe im wrong. does anybody know the answer. thanks

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help clear up game shot

Replies & Comments

  1. sam hguest on 1/6/2008 6:46:36 PM

    You're kidding right? you've been playing for 20 years and don't know the answer to this question? Do yourself a favor and stop playing right now because you are too stupid to pick up a cue.

    In case you aren't trying to be funny though, the answer is as long as the 8 was the first ball hit with the cue ball and it went into the pocket he called, why would anything else matter? Ball and pocket, ball and pocket just keep saying that.

  2. sam hFenwick on 1/7/2008 8:14:00 PM

    "do yourself a favor and stop playing right now because you are too stupid to pick up a cue" That's a harsh statement. Good way to keep others from asking questions here. I'm trying to live by the golden rule. You may dust my reply if I stepped over the line moderator. The answer is correct though IMHO. 8 ball went into the called pocket on a legal shot. End of story. Good Day.

  3. sam hDLCBreaks on 1/7/2008 11:16:33 PM

    To the person who gave the harsh reply to Fenwick's question:

    Do us all a favor and don't make any more comments on this forum.

  4. sam hFenwick on 1/8/2008 10:30:02 AM

    Thanks but it wasn't directed at me. The question was directed towards, (sam h) for asking the above question.

  5. sam hGeorge8678 on 1/16/2009 1:06:45 AM

    To all of you who are throwing insults around and have never set foot outside their one little town. 8 ball pool have slightly different rules wherever in the world you play, so it depends on what rules you are playing. eg. IPA rules state that it isn't a foul but WPA rules state that it is.

  6. sam hFenwick on 1/16/2009 9:52:38 AM

    Could you elaborate. I've never read or heard of this before. Perhaps you could cut and paste the WPA ruling or supply a link.

  7. sam hdlabout on 1/16/2009 10:15:47 AM

    Good morning everyone. Here is a link to the 8-ball World Pool Association rules. http://www.wpa-pool.com/index.asp?content=rules_8ball#3.8 I believe there is some confusion on the description here. As I read it the player called a pocket for the 8-ball and contacted the 8-ball first then after contact on the 8 the cue ball contacted another ball and pocketed it. If this is the case then the 8-ball was legally pocketed and whether the other ball fell first or not is not an issue.

    On the other-hand, if the other ball was contacted first by the cue ball and then pockets the 8-ball then it would be foul and a loss of the rack.

    On another note, I would say that most if not all on this forum are here to support and encourage each other in the games of billiards. It is a community of many player with lots of experience. We all have something to add and it is inappropriate to flame a posting due to malicious behaviour.

  8. sam hquickshot on 1/16/2009 10:46:30 AM

    Lets face it, 8 ball is a universally played game. Big town , small town and all around any other town, and rules are made according to where one plays. It has been mentioned more than once on this forum to inquire about the rules before you play. Especially if in an unfamiliar place. I have never seen the shot happen so the legal aspect of it has never reared its head, but it does raise and interesting question. I am under the impression that the 8 ball is a shot unto its own, and is a called shot that is a direct contact between the CB, the 8 ball and the called pocket with out any interference from another ball. However, I would have to go with the WPA ruling because both the BCA and the APA rules are drawn from them with some slight changes to conform to local playing.

    Having said all this, there is one rule that I believe is sacrosanct on this forum. We are here to help each other in their quest for information so they can be aware of the rulings from different parties. To be obnoxious and rude cannot be tolerated particularity from anyone who hides behind the mask of the guest account.

  9. sam hJustanotherevolutionary on 1/16/2009 2:52:47 PM

    Well hell even I forget some basic rules on occasion, I call it a brain fart. Surely the "guest" who posted that rude statement is just some redneck bar pooler, who probably didn't even know the answer til he looked it up. There is no shortage of those around here. I see all pool players as comrades to the game, but I take exception to morons who see the game as "war." If you're so knowledgable why don't you explain and help rather than be sarcastic and ignorant. The one who should put down their cue is you sir. You have no place among respectable pool players. So go beat your wife and kick your dog or whatever it is rednecks do these days. It's assholes like this that keep the game down. I almost wonder if it's what they strive to do? I know this is straying from the matter at hand, but my patience is gone with disrespectful people like this. To the person who asked this question: You did lose. Your friend is correct. 99% of the time you will find this to be the correct ruling. The 1% margain of error depends on "house/bar rules" unfortunately. I would advise you find a set of rules to play by with your friend, be it APA or BCA or some made up stuff you come up with. My cousin and I mix it up all the time. Chinese 9 ball, APA, BCA, call shot, call next shot, call all action, bank the 8 etc etc. But first we discuss, compromise, and decide. Kinda like hunting. Identify your target and surroundings before pulling the trigger to avoid unwanted or questionable results. Keep it fun. That's all it's about and ever has been. But now I've said too much as always. Good times to you and your friend. And keep asking questions. What is apparent to some may greatly astonish and help others.

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help clear up game shot

  • Title: help clear up game shot
  • Author: (Samuel Helms)
  • Published: 1/1/2008 11:50:41 PM