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Declaring Shot After Foul in Blackball

Declaring Shot After Foul in Blackball

After a foul (white ball going down), can the shooter pot one of the opposition's balls without declaring a free ball shot?

Thats it!


This question relates to the following billiard rules:

Declaring Shot After Foul in Blackball

Replies & Comments

  1. muncanjags on 8/10/2007 11:17:20 AM

    In APA 8 ball rules the answer would be no. Which game are you playing?

  2. muncanmuncan on 8/10/2007 11:20:47 AM

    English rule pool! Dont know if thats the official name but thats where I am and try to play.

    Thanks for your reply. However I said you do need to declare it so not happy with it :)

  3. muncanbilliardsforum on 8/10/2007 11:32:16 AM

    Welcome to the billiards forum, and thanks for posting.

    Could you playing by "Black Ball Rules", or "World Standardized 8 Ball Rules" perhaps?

    If so, you can find a few rule differences in our 8 Ball Rules section if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

    Otherwise check out blackball.info for more detailed blackball rules.

  4. muncanmuncan on 8/12/2007 4:08:45 AM

    Sorry dont know official rule name. He pots yellows I pot reds. Then pot the black ball. Sorry for dumbing it down but thats what we play :)

    Tried searching and googling the answer but coz there are so many different rules of pool and I dont know for sure which ruddy one Im playing its hard to find. Asked mates who I play with and they say Im right. Asked landlord in the pub we played in and he said Im taking it too serious! (Which well p*ssed me off - which might mean he was right lol!).

  5. muncanbilliardsforum on 8/12/2007 10:32:51 AM

    Yeah, you are playing blackball for sure.

    When a foul occurs, a free shot is allowed to the incoming player. Rule 6b of APA Blackball pool rules says that on a free shot, you are allowed to pot an opposition's ball even if it is not declared:

    On the first shot only, of his/her free shot, the oncoming player may, without nomination, play the cue ball onto any ball without penalty (including his/her opponents object balls...

    ...so, you are right.

    I agree, 8 Ball is one of those billiard games with an insane amount of variations in the rules, which makes it difficult to even know which game you are playing! As far as the pub's landlord goes, he should keep his opinion to himself.

    Where are you playing? UK?

  6. muncanmuncan on 8/13/2007 6:55:16 AM

    NNNNOOOOOoooooo - Im not right! I always say to declare the shot! God damn it! Egg well and truly on my face now. Was adament. Do I tell him my new found informtion or keep it quiet - lol.

    You dont know if the declaration rule used to be in force or was merely conjured up by me and my mates!?

    Yeh playing in the UK. Rules seem to change so much every other person playing has different rules to follow!

  7. muncanbilliardsforum on 8/13/2007 11:07:15 AM

    I'm not right! I always say to declare the shot! Do I tell him my new found information or keep it quiet?

    Sorry to burst your bubble!

    Well, when you are playing casually, you can both decide on one way or the other for how to play. If you both decide to use "call-shot" method, you can play that way, and sometimes it can be more fun/challenging.

    I am not sure whether the rules have changed recently, but blackball rules were just formalized and standardized a few years ago. You may have started using the declaration rule because in some forms of 8 ball rules, it is a fairly common rule.

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Declaring Shot After Foul in Blackball

  • Title: Declaring Shot After Foul in Blackball
  • Author:
  • Published: 8/10/2007 9:26:04 AM