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Choice of Group after Scratching on the Break

Choice of Group after Scratching on the Break

I was playing a billiard game in my home town in Canada and came upon a situation that led to an argument about the rules, and because of this we could not finish the billiards game.

I took my break shot, and pocketed a striped ball, and scratched on the cue ball.

The thing is that by scoring a white ball I knew that I had to miss my shot by letting my other opponent to make his turn. But, I always kept the rule that if right in the beginning you already scored any type of ball, no matter if with the white one or not, you have already made the decision for yourself to score same kind of balls, but only right when your turn comes up, however, my opponent said that because I scored my chosen ball with the white one that mean that he has the privilege to decide by scoring any types of ball after that, so who is right?

This question relates to the following billiard rules:

Choice of Group after Scratching on the Break

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  1. Arturbilliardsforum on 3/9/2016 8:15:34 PM

    Your opponent is correct. The rules state that choice of group (e.g. solids or stripes) is NEVER determined on the break shot alone.

    It doesn't matter that you have pocketed a striped ball.

    Choice of group is only determined on the first legally pocketed AFTER the break shot. For example, lets say you only pocketed the striped ball on the break shot and did not scratch. Then, lets say you did NOT pocket any balls on your next shot. The choice of group is still open in that case. If your opponent fails to pocket a ball on his turn, the choice of group is still open when you return to the table.

    See the following in the 8 ball rules:

    Choice of Group

    The choice of stripes or solids is not determined on the break even if balls are made from only one or both groups, because the table is always open immediately after the break shot. The choice of group is determined only when a player legally pockets a called object ball after the break shot. If the groups have been determined and the player mistakenly shoots at and pockets a ball of the group, the opponent must call a foul on that player before they take their next shot. If the opponent fails to do so, the player automatically takes over the group of balls (solids or stripes) at which he or she has been shooting during this inning.

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Choice of Group after Scratching on the Break

  • Title: Choice of Group after Scratching on the Break
  • Author:
  • Published: 1/31/2016 11:00:21 AM