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Bar Room 8-Ball Pool Rule Questions

Bar Room 8-Ball Pool Rule Questions

I have the following questions about bar room pool.

  1. When a player makes contact with object ball and the object ball only moves one inch and no cushions or other balls were hit, what is the ruling? Is it illegal or foul?

  2. Does a player have to call what the cue ball is going to do? ex. playing the cue ball off a rail or bank to hit desired object ball.

  3. Is it a "bank shot," if the object ball slightly touches the adjacent rail on its path to intended pocket.

  4. What if the object was hit toward the intended pocket at the other end of the table, however the ball stopped just short of going in. The object ball moved the length of the table however it never touched a cushion or rail.

  5. (a) If a player hooks his opponent on the eight ball, and the opponent misses at his attempt to at least make contact with the eight ball. What is the ruling? What if in the same scenario, the opponent called "safety," and missed his attempt? (b) What if a player hooks himself from the 8 ball. and in his attempt to hit it he misses?

  6. If a player makes her ball and an opponent ball falls in after her ball was made. Is it a foul?

  7. Off the break, is it legal to make combination shots, if no colour has been decided yet?

  8. Can a player call a shot that kisses of the eight ball and goes in?

  9. Can the eight ball be used as the middle ball in a 3 ball combination?

This question relates to the following billiard rules:

Bar Room 8-Ball Pool Rule Questions

Replies & Comments

  1. Indigo1961billiardsforum on 9/4/2017 3:15:52 PM

    What game are you playing, and what version of the rules are we talking about?

  2. Indigo1961Indigo1961 on 9/5/2017 1:58:19 AM

    We are playing straight pool on the eight ball, pay games, meaning there is pulling of balls. Barroom rules differ from place to place, however, there seems to be consistent questions that come up such as the one the ones I've listed above.

    One rule is a ball has to hit a question. But people seem to think, hitting the Q ball into another ball, and it moves 1 inch, is a legal shot. According to the rules it isn't. And my correct?

  3. Indigo1961billiardsforum on 9/5/2017 4:36:43 AM

    Great, so you are playing 8 ball on a coin-operated pool table (which would mean there is NO pulling of the balls, right)?

    I will attempt to answer your questions in the context of BCA general rules of pocket billiards, with modifications based on the BCA coin-op 8 ball rules. All text quoted below is from the coin table 8 ball rules.

    1. Not a legal shot.

      Legal Shot Definition - In coin operated 8 Ball, the shooter must hit one of his or her own group of balls first, unless the table is open, or the shot being taken is the break shot. Additionally, the shooter must either pocket one of his or her group of balls, or cause the cue ball or any numbered ball to contact a rail. The shooter may bank the cue ball off of the rail first as long as the next contact is made with an object ball from his or her group.

    2. Clarify house rules first for "calling shots". In coin-op eight ball, you generally don't have to call obvious shots:

      Calling Shots - Obvious shots and pockets need not be called, however, the opponent reserves the right to ask about, and receive and answer about an intended shot if they are unsure. The opening break shot need not be called, and so long as a ball is legally pocketed, the shooting player's inning continues, regardless of whether or not they called anything, or called correctly. Any and all bank shots, kicks, and combinations are not considered obvious and thus, must be called by the shooting player. Players do not need to call minute details such as the number of kisses, caroms, banks, and cushions.

    3. Yes. See the definition of bank shot in the billiards glossary.

    4. If the ball doesn't go in the pocket, the other player's inning begins. Same outcome as the answer in question 1.

    5. Not completely sure I understand the exact situation you are referring to, but in general, the rules are no different on the 8 ball than on any other object ball. However, see this excerpt from the coin-op rules:

      Coin Operated 8 Ball Safety Play - Safety play is legal in coin operated 8 ball. A player may execute a legal shot and choose to end their inning. If the shooting player is intending to both take a safety and pocket an object ball legally, he or she must make this known to the other player. If the safety is not called, and the shot is successful, the shooting player is required to remain at the table.

    6. Causing an opponent's ball to fall after making a legal shot and pocketing a ball of your own group, this is NOT a foul, and play continues. The opponent's ball stays down. You must simply contact your own ball first.

    7. Yes, combination shots off the break shot when the table is still open are perfectly legal. Ensure you are following all of the local "call-shot" rules.

    8. Yes.

      Combination Shots - In coin operated 8 Ball, combination shots are allowed so long as the 8 ball is not the first ball to be contacted unless it is the last ball remaining. If the 8 ball is contacted first when it is not the final ball, a foul is assessed.

    9. Yes. See the answer to question 8.

  4. Indigo1961Indigo1961 on 9/5/2017 8:59:40 AM

    Thank you for taking time reply. It helps solves some beefs.


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Bar Room 8-Ball Pool Rule Questions

  • Title: Bar Room 8-Ball Pool Rule Questions
  • Author: (Douglas Simpson)
  • Published: 9/2/2017 1:11:42 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/5/2017 4:38:11 AM
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