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2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue

2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue Logo
  • Cue Name: BMC 4
  • Long Name: 2007 BMC 4
  • Cue Full Name: 2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue
  • Cue Short Name: BMC 4
  • Cue Short Description: 2007 Bob Meucci Customs BMC 4
  • BMC SKU: BMC-4
  • 2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue MSRP: $299
  • Manufacturer or Brand Owner: Meucci
  • Brand Name: BMC, aka Bob Meucci Customs
  • Product Line Name: BMC 2005 Limited Edition, aka 2005 Limited Edition Series
  • Product Line Full Name: 2005 BMC Limited Edition Cues by BMC Cues
  • Common Abbreviation: BMC "2005" Line
  • Production Date(s): The 2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue was produced from around 2007-09-01 to 2007-01-15.

We're still looking for a detailed close-up photo of the BMC BMC 4 from the 2005 Limited Edition line of pool cues. If you have one, or know where we can locate one on the web, please drop us a note at the bottom of this page.

Photo of the 2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue is unavailable.

2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue Info

Info on the 2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue

The Bob Meucci Customs BMC-4 pool cue was available from bobmeucci.com in a short run of just 5 pool cues in 2007.

This cue is not signed by Bob (1i, 1b, 2bw, and 2ww were).

2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue Specs
Bumper:Standard 2007 Meucci-style black rubber push-in bumper.
Cue Length:Unknown
Cue Maker:Bob Meucci
Engraving:Engraving is available upon request.
Manufacturer's Warranty:Standard Meucci warranty applies (guaranteed for 1 year against construction defects not related to warpage or abuse)
Production Method:Hand crafted using modern mass-production technology.
Quantity Produced:Bob Meucci Cues indicated that only 5 of the BMC 4 pool cues were to be made. It has not been confirmed whether or not all 5 limited editions had been ordered.
Shaft:The "BMC 4" pool cue comes with 1 matching shaft.
Where Manufactured:Meucci Factory in Byhalia, MS
Wrap:Various wraps available. Fully customizable.

2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue Value

Use this data below as a general guide to value and find out how much a 2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue is worth. All priced in USD.

2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue Retail Prices

Listings showing what the 2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue was worth when it was new.

DateRetail PriceSourceLocationAd TitlePhotos
2007-10-21$299.00Bob Meucci Cues (Initial MSRP/Retail Price)Byhalia, MS USABMC-4

2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue Identifiers

Officially, the 2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue model number is BMC-4, but it may be seen in the wild listed as any one of the following model numbers or model names:

  • BMC-4 Pool Cue
  • BMC 4 Pool Cue
  • Bob Meucci Customs 4 Pool Cue
  • BMC4 Pool Cue
  • BMC - 4 Pool Cue
  • Title: 2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 7/17/2017 6:06:34 AM

2007 BMC 4 Pool Cue Comments

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