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Where To Play Snooker In Cleveland, DC

Where To Play Snooker In Cleveland, DC

I live in Pittsburgh PA. I have called most of the pool halls in the city and no one has a snooker table. I just want to play snooker and I am trying to find a pool hall with a snooker table near Pittsburgh, PA.

Does anyone know of a place that does have Snooker table near Cleveland, DC or around Pittsburgh, PA or another close city?

Where To Play Snooker In Cleveland, DC

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  1. wwb113BigDaddy on 5/11/2009 12:04:14 AM

    I wish I lived around there or you lived here but I live in Alabama. My pool hall has a beautiful 10 foot snooker table and man do we have fun!

  2. wwb113Rethunk on 7/13/2009 4:07:20 PM

    I've posted a list of all the snooker tables I've been able to confirm are still available:


    There are links to pages for each state in the U.S.

    I'm not sure how often I'll check this forum, so if you have any corrections or know of any additional rooms with snooker tables, please contact me via the website.

  3. wwb113josephwilder64 on 4/5/2012 11:41:23 PM

    You can play snooker at:

    • Dave & Busters, William Penn Annex East, PA
    • Classic Billiards, Phoenixville, PA
    • Club Med Billiards, Harrisburg, PA

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Where To Play Snooker In Cleveland, DC

  • Title: Where To Play Snooker In Cleveland, DC
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  • Published: 5/10/2009 8:39:02 AM