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Xiao Duan

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Xiao Duan

Xiao Duan
Billiard Products Manufacturer and Owner at Huizhou Sports Goods Factory
Huizhou, Guangdong China

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About Me

The Huizhou Sports Goods Factory is a proficient billiard table manufacturer with a long history of 19 years, mainly producing billiard tables, soccer tables, air hockey tables, tennis tables, basketball stands.

We also produce billiard accessories such as cue sticks, pool cue bags, chalk, chalk bags, billiard balls, triangle racks, pool table brushes, rubber pool table cushions, pool table lamps, clocks, pool table covers, etc...

We often achieve the first place in selling billiard tables of all pool table manufacturers in the Guangdong Province where many sales chains have been established in Guangdong. Furthermore we have expanded to the inland and overseas markets aggressively.

We also offer OEM/ODM service.

Examples of our billiard tables and snooker tables can be found here:


Huizhou Sports Goods Factory
Henanan District
Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China

Telphone: 86-752-2785698
Fax: 86-752-2785699
Skype: sedfrt86

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