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Terrie Donovan
Occupation: Retired
Fairbanks, AK United States

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About Me

My grandfather and father played pool & billiards (carom billiards) at their club, and my grandfather had a pool table in his basement, but they never taught me. I got interested in pool, and took it up, much later in life.

I was born in Illinois, and spent most of my adult life in Maine. I moved to Fairbanks, Alaska 26 years ago. I was born in a male body, and began transition for gender re-assignment years ago. Now, as an older woman who is retired, I am enjoying pool very much, and have improved my game dramatically, since I began. One thing that I do is practice various shots--over and over and over.

Although I am currently single, I have an active social life. I play at "Kaleidoscope Billiards" and at "Boatel Sleazy Waterfront Bar," both of them are here in Fairbanks.

My home page is on MySpace, and the URL is listed down below.

I bought my two cues here at Kaleidoscope. One is a Brunswick "Centennial" cue, as I have a sentimental regard for Brunswick, as the preserver of billiards in America. That is the cue I take to a bar, to play pool. I also just bought myself an early Christmas present, a 19-3/4 oz. Joss (JOS04) cue. It is so pretty. I am a traditionalist, when it comes to cue artistry. I really don't like most of the super fancy cues that are advertised. That's why I like this particular Joss, as it is a birds-eye maple forearm, with four cocobolo points, outlined in ebony veneer, and which has a white holly elongated diamond in each point; the butt is cocobolo, with eight white holly elongated diamonds around the periphery, with a 5/8" African blackwood ring aft of the wrap, and with a white Rambow-style butt cap.

My current boyfriend is a better pool player than I am, but I do manage to beat him, on occasion.

During the coldest part of the winter, I sometimes wish that I owned a place in Trinidad, Colorado, as I would spend January & February there. It is such a cute town. I have seen it get down to -68°F here in Fairbanks, one January; and I recall the year that it got up to +96°F, one summer. Still, I love it here, and am proud to be an Alaskan and a Fairbanksan.

I'm currently trying to learn how to play English Billiards, on an American pool table.

Hobbies: Pool, English Billiards

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My Gear

  • Playing Cue: Joss (19.75 oz), Brunswick (20 oz)
  • Pool Table: Brunswick

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  • Gender: Female
  • Marital Status: Single