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Terry Clark (aka: TerPool)
Occupation: Retired
Wheeling, WV United States

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About Me

My first love has always been pool since I was old enough to see above the pool table. I mostly played 8 ball and 9 ball at the local bar I frequented.

Then got a job in Steubenville Ohio and low and behold a real life pool hall and I was in hog heaven.

I'd never heard of "one pocket" and one day the local hustler asked me if I wanted to play it with him for $5 a game. Not knowing this fellow or his skills, I declined and told him I'd prefer to play a couple games to learn how it's played first.

Banks always came easy for me, but I was totally new to playing safe shots as I usually played in ring games...you miss you lose your turn and usually your money too.

Well, we played the first game and I won 8-5. I thought, "this game is simple" and continued to beat him. Long story short, he was glad we were playing for nothing.

Well, that's when I got hooked on one pocket and became one of the best in our area. People actually feared playing me and that was both pretty cool and also a curse as it became hard to get a game with anyone.

Being an avid 9 ball player as well, both games complimented my skill level.

The name "Stitch" was given to me by my good friend and pool hall owner George Romious. I was assistant manager for Singer Sewing Machine Company back in the 70's plus I was a hard player to follow as I'd "stitch em up" and not leave a shot.

I recently made a great find. A wonderful pool room only ten minutes from my house...one of Wheeling's best kept secrets i call it. Check it out at: sbridgecafe.com.

I just completed their new web site as well.

Hobbies: I love bow hunt, golf and fish. My first love has always been pool since I was old enough to see above the pool table.

Favorite Quotes: "Take Care and Hit Em Good"

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