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Dave Albrecht
Cue Maker, Owner at Albrecht Custom Cues
Holland, OH United States

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About Me

I live in Holland, Ohio a small suburb of Toledo.

I've been building cues for about 5 years or so. I started playing pool and got the bug as most of us do in 1987. I joined the Marine Corps and traveled around throughout California, Arizona, Ohio, A bunch of places.

Needless to say I played a lot of pool. I played with a lot of cues as well. It seemed I was always searching for a cue that played different than anything I had tried. I spent many nights thinking about how I would design a cue and why. I've always liked a cue that had a very responsive hit. I'm not a fan of a noodle whip or a cue that plays like a piece of steel rod.

I try to build my cues with just enough flex and feel to get the job done.I'm not in any hurry to build or for that matter sell any of the cues I build. I want my cues to last and be as perfect as I can possibly make them. I would rather take the extra time to make sure my wood is seasoned and all aspects of my cue are the way I want them. I do it because I like building them!

I am currently building cues and Joint protecters full time.

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