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Insolent Minx

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Insolent Minx

Kenneth A. Vella (aka: T2 the Terminator. I Played Hockey for 40 Years in Michigan As a Defenseman.)
Senior Systems Analyst at Lexco Data Systems, LP, representing Nighthawk Data Systems, Inc.

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About Me

By Day:

Senior Systems Analyst - Design and troubleshoot worldwide computer systems for the oil and gas industry in Houston, Texas. Perform 24/7 tech support all over the world from Perth, AU to Saudia Aramco to Norsk Hydro in Norway.and install and troubleshoot software installations for Lexco Data Systems, LP that produces a database application for Gulf of Mexico oil and gas prospectors.

By Night:

Work with various amateur radio operators troubleshooting the latest technologies of VOIP over ham radio such as EchoLink, D-Star, etc. Reloading custom ammunition for competition bench rest shooting to find the resonant sweet spot on each one of my rifles. A couple years ago I found the sweet spot on my .308 Steyr SSG04. I was able to put 10 rounds in a circle 1.5/8" at 300 yards. The bullets had a fps spread of only 47 fps between all ten of them. Also, I am an amateur biochemist identifying genetically modified products that do not have to be labeled in the US although they are banned or labeled in 61 other countries. I am a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) although I have no degree they accepted me after 7 years as an honorary member. I used to rock climb at New River in WV and climb big walls in Yosemite, competed in the annual ice climbing jamboree in Ouray, CO in the middle of January 2010. Road with 3 different Motorcycle Clubs in Houston. The Marines MC, Los Carnales/La Familia MC - Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, and the San Jacinto High Rollers MC a parade Motorcycle Club that has been around since 1957. I have many hobbies that is probably why my previous wives left me. Also, I collect and shave with straight razors.

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  • Nighthawk Data Systems, Inc.

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  • Gender: Male
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Age: 61 years