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gralan Billiard Forum Profile Avatar Image
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Mosaic Artist at Self, representing Mosaicreations
San Antonio, TX United States

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About Me

After my stroke 8 years ago, and my major heart attack 2 years ago, I've been self-employed creating mosaic images mainly with ceramic tiles. I've done portraits, anatomically correct nature pictures, and optical illusion scenes.

As I'm taking things slow, I've begun renewing my game at a local bar after 22 years of little play. I enjoy 9 ball, various 8 ball games, as well as Reverse Pool which I learned at the Eastlake Zoo Tavern. I've run several pool shoots back then in Seattle, and enjoyed playing in a local league since my college days.

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  • Mosaicreations

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  • Gender: Male
  • Marital Status: Happily Wed
  • Age: 60 years