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Axe Man

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Axe Man

Daniel W. Axe
Occupation: Self Employed
Linton, IN United States

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About Me

Born in 1951 started shooting pool in 1957 should have turned pro in 1969 but went to work instead got married 1975 have two sons and three grand kids have been self employed since 1980 as a welder mechanic . Have been collecting > working on and restoring pool cues and pool tables since early 1970s as a hobbie have won so many pool tournaments over the years I have lost count. I have taught and am still teaching pool to young and old alike .I work on around 250 cues a year and sell about the same amount have been a wheeler dealer all my life and have taught my boys to do the same. Dan

Just won another pool tournament

Hobbies: pool & working on pool cues & tables

Favorite Quotes: Rack>um

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My Gear

  • Playing Cue: Karella
  • Pool Table: Brunswick

My Vitals

  • Gender: Male
  • Marital Status: Married