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Pool Table Cloth For Sale

Pool Table Cloth For Sale

For sale is one complete rail-cut set of Simonis 860 pool table cloth in "standard green". $290 shipped OBO.

I have two full 8 foot bed cloth cuts of Championship Tour Edition pool table cloth in "bottle green" ONLY 3 rail cuts total. You could cover one full 8 foot pool table and have left overs, or, do two 7 foot pool tables.

Soria 100% worsted wool cloth:

  • 1 full cut to use on a 9 foot
  • big chunk that measures 65x11.75
  • big chunk that measures 89x66
  • big chunk that measures 92x40.5
  • big chunk that measures 90x42

Pool Table Cloth For Sale

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Pool Table Cloth For Sale

  • Title: Pool Table Cloth For Sale
  • Author: (Dave K.)
  • Published: 10/7/2009 5:12:00 PM