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Cue Shaft Polishing Abrasives Kit For Sale

Cue Shaft Polishing Abrasives Kit For Sale

If you feel your treasured cues deserve better care than a scotchbrite pad, read on.

I made a quantity buy on some USA made fine cushioned abrasives in suitable grits for cue care, and can pass kits along to forum members at a very reasonable price. I had to buy a bunch to get a break on price. Just trying to get some of my investment back. Product information available at the manufcturer's website: kdproducts.com.

Each kit has 12 long-lasting, ultra-flexible 3 X 6 inch sheets- 4 each of 1800, 4000 and 8000 grit.

Basic instructions included, all for $10.00 including postage to US addresses.

Paypal, USPS money orders, and concealed cash accepted as payment. Reply for contact info or questions. Offer good while supply lasts.

Cue Shaft Polishing Abrasives Kit For Sale

Replies & Comments

  1. BillyJackSlowhand on 1/21/2007 11:02:40 PM

    I know how you feel. I went up to an industrial supply store to buy some 2000 grit paper, and the minimum I could buy was 5 sheets. And I had to pay big bucks per sheet to buy that few. If I were to buy them by the 100, they would have been dirt cheap.

    My problem is, with how often I sand my cue, 5 sheets is a lifetime supply. wish you luck in selling your kits.

  2. BillyJackBillyJack on 1/21/2007 11:55:39 PM

    I knew the aircraft industry had some really trick abrasives to polish out scratches in unpainted metal. Once I got a look at this stuff I just had to have some. About the only thing it has in common with conventional auto body superfine sandpaper is the word "abrasive".

  3. BillyJackShorty on 1/22/2007 3:23:12 PM

    Hey @billyjack, count me in for one. send me an email.


    Hard to find those fine grit sandpaper from what I have seen.

  4. BillyJackA-Train on 2/4/2007 3:57:33 AM

    I tried to buy some stuff, but when I went to check out there was an error and I couldn't.

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Cue Shaft Polishing Abrasives Kit For Sale

  • Title: Cue Shaft Polishing Abrasives Kit For Sale
  • Author:
  • Published: 1/21/2007 10:38:47 PM