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Took 3rd Place in a Local Pool Tournament

Took 3rd Place in a Local Pool Tournament

I played in a local pool tournament for the first time in months last night and took 3rd place. There is a funny story.

My first match was against a 10, I'm rated 5 there which sucks for a LOT of the field. Oh well, not my problem. Anyhow, I won the coin toss and proceeded to snap the 9 ball on the break 3 consecutive times. LOL. Poor bastard broke down his cue and walked away before I could break the 4th rack.

2nd match over an hour later is against a 12 minus one. Come to find out after my match that this is the guy who won the Reno Open last year. So, instead of racing to 5, since he's minus one I only race to 4, meanwhile he has to win 12 to take the match. He left me out a few racks and I snapped a 9 ball on him too. LOL.

I got my backside handed to me in my 3rd set. It was past midnight by this point and my body gave up on me. Anyway, losing that set put me in 3rd place since my opponent for the consolation game left the pool hall. I'll win by default, why not? I probably would have run the kid over anyway.

Took 3rd Place in a Local Pool Tournament

Replies & Comments

  1. A-TrainBishop on 4/4/2007 8:45:50 AM

    I think its time to buy a lottery ticket. Nice work!

  2. A-TrainA-Train on 4/4/2007 7:11:42 PM

    @Bishop - That's exactly what I said. LOL.

    I was talking to a few people after the match and I guess that guy had it coming. He's kind of a whiny crybaby about losing so everyone had a good chuckle at his expense. I kept thinking to myself that it's pretty pathetic to have a bad reputation for sportsmanship at a seedy, dirty, smoky pool hall.

  3. A-TrainBishop on 4/5/2007 10:44:17 AM

    It takes a special kind of person to earn a bad rap at a pool hall. I don't mind people getting pissed at losing but poor sportsmanship or whiners annoy the hell out of me.

  4. A-Trainshark3149 on 4/8/2007 9:24:24 PM

    I try to be the same whether I win or lose.

    I don't like to lose but I am not one of those people the complain or make up a reason I lost.

    I just try to learn form it and play better next time.

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Took 3rd Place in a Local Pool Tournament

  • Title: Took 3rd Place in a Local Pool Tournament
  • Author: (Adam Stevermer)
  • Published: 4/3/2007 6:10:44 PM