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Ghostball Pool Rules

Here are the specifics of a game played in Ottawa, ON, Canada with a snooker ball set called Ghostball Pool.

Ghostball Pool Rules

Players: Unlimited (but less than 5 would be ideal)

Setup: The set up is fairly simple. 4 colored balls from a snooker set (darker colors are ideal), each with a Kleenex over them to signify them as ghosts. The rest of the balls are red, and set up normally (15, but if you want to make the game harder, use fewer). If you don't have a snooker set, improvise, or grow up and buy one.

Play Turns take place as follows.

Initial break: No rules are applied to the initial break.

Each Turn Thereafter: One must declare a non-ghost ball (balls without kleenex on them) to attempt to pocket. If one is unsuccessful, the ball they were attempting to shoot becomes a ghost ball, and kleenex is put on top of it to signify that. If one does successfully pocket the non-ghost ball, he continues to step two of his turn

Step two, one must declare a ghost ball to pocket. If unsuccessful, nothing happens, and it's the next player's turn. If successful, it's still the next players turn. One should note here, that it is extremely satisfying to watch the ball pop out from under the kleenex.

In the event a ghost-ball is hit but not pocketed, simply replace the kleenex to be back atop it.

Winning the Game: The game is won if all ghost balls are removed from the table, thus un-haunting the pool table. The game is lost if there are no remaining non-ghost balls on the table, but still some ghost-balls (thus meaning the pool table is haunted), The game is co-operative, and as such either everyone wins (hurrah!), or everyone loses.

Variations: Combination shots when a non-ghost-ball is the ball on to attempt to hit in a ghost ball can be either declared legal, or illegal. For sake of simplicity, it's easier to play the game with them being illegal.

Thus ghost ball.

Report back if you enjoy this game, merci beaucoup. We quite enjoy it in Ottawa, Canada.

Ghostball Pool Rules

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Ghostball Pool Rules History

As far as I am aware, this game has only caught on in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Ghostball Pool is generally considered a child's billiard game, but can be played by drunks and bored people as well.

The official Ghostball Pool Rules are predominently observed in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

How to Play Ghostball Pool

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  • Published: 1/18/2009 3:37:42 PM
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Ghostball Pool Rules

The Ghostball Pool Rules article belongs to the Snooker Rules category. Snooker is a type of cue sport game that is played on a snooker table.

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