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Rated Pool Tournament Giving Sketchy Ratings

Rated Pool Tournament Giving Sketchy Ratings

UGH! I don't know how it works around the country, but in a rated tournament around here basically it's a race to whatever number you are rated to.

Let's say you and I were playing each other and you were rated 8 and I was rated 7. Essentially I would have to win 7 games before you won 8.

Now, given this, a local pool hall in town actually rates people as low as 2. WTF!

I haven't played there much but I asked what my rating would be and they said I'd be at least a 5.

I know 5 isn't much, but getting unlucky and losing 2 games in a set isn't hard to do even against the most infantile of opponents.

Anyone else think that this is outrageous? I don't think I'm going to be participating in any of this establishment's tournaments anytime soon.

Rated Pool Tournament Giving Sketchy Ratings

Replies & Comments

  1. A-TrainStormHotRod300 on 12/13/2006 12:54:33 AM

    The first time I went to an out of town tournament, I thought I would take the tournament because nobody knew me. But, then the tournament directory shows up and, of course, we knew each other. He rated me a 5 also. At the time, it was an actual bar box tournament where the loser was to break.

    I ended up taking 4th place in that pool tournament. And all but one match went to the hill too. But I also was playing very well and very smart.

    Now a couple of the guys who were rated 3's or 4's played DAMN good. I had one match against a player who was rated a three and missed an easy shot on the 2 ball and he ran out. LOL. I still won the match but he didn't have an easy shot the rest of the time.

    I played another guy who was rated a 4, and he had a unreal break! He made two or three balls at a time and squated the white ball, but he couldn't run but 3 or 4 balls in a row.

    I've also heard about where some places, if its a handicap tournament, they will rate you the highest you can go. Apparently they do this to try and keep the roadies from sneaking into a tournament and winning it.

  2. A-Trainacedotcom on 12/13/2006 10:13:50 PM

    There's only one tournament around here that uses a rating system but in addition to having to win more games than a lower rated opponent, you also have to spot them a couple balls. Needless to say, I'm not going there soon.

    The only other handicapped pool tournament is one that rates players "-2" or "-1", and even "+1" and "+2".

    There may be players that exceed these ratings on both ends, but not many. Differences in ratings are translated into games you have to win. An "Even" player has to go to 5, a "-2" player to 3. A "+1" player would go to six against a "-2" player who would go to 3.

    If you finish in the money, your rating goes up a notch.

    If you lose three times in a row, your rating goes down a notch.

    I don't particularly like this system because it's not based on ability, just on how long it's been since you were in the money.

    Whenever I do participate in this tournament, I always wind up spotting players who are as good as me or better, sometimes with me going to 6 and them to 3. That's tough when you're playing someone as good as you are.

  3. A-Traindesert1pocket on 12/13/2006 11:54:33 PM

    Here in Arizona, we have our own pool tournament rating system.

    It goes from 1 to 10, but if you can hold a cue you are a 4. I am rated a 7, and many tournaments are a race to your rating, minus 2. This means I have to go to 5. In a recent 9-ball tournament I played a 4 who went to 2. I hardly gave my opponent a chance at the table for 4 games. I was on my way to skunking my opponent when I rattled the match winning 9 ball, and the damn thing just sat in the jaws. I conceded that game, and then my opponent proceeded to make the 9 in the side on the break. In a matter of just two shots I had lost the whole match.

  4. A-Trainacedotcom on 12/14/2006 9:17:42 AM

    I feel your pain!

  5. A-TrainA-Train on 12/14/2006 3:26:08 PM

    Wow. What a nasty turn of events for you.

    This is the sort of stuff I'm afraid of in these tournaments. If I'm playing a 2 and I slip up and scratch late in the rack or leave a ball hanging, it could be curtains for me.

  6. A-TrainFlashman on 12/16/2006 2:21:45 PM

    Now you know (if you didn't already) what it's like to play in an APA league. There are always SL2 players on the teams we have to play.

    Generally we try to throw off another weak player against the SL2, in hopes of accidentally beating the "sandbagger SL2". It works in league tournaments but you are one-on-one in tournament play.

  7. A-TrainA-Train on 12/16/2006 3:05:43 PM

    I went ahead and played in an impromptu tournament last night and had the distinct pleasure of playing a 2 in the first round. I took the first rack without any hitches and was feeling good. This chick couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

    On to rack two, I break, run to the 5 ball then leave her the table. Not an easy shot on 5, I was pretty happy about the situation. The smacks the 5 ball, it caroms off another ball, then goes 2 rails and shits in the 9 ball.

    Now to rack 3. She breaks, I take control of the table, run to and drop the 6 and then scratch. She has ball in hand on 7 and I'm thinking there is NO way she is out. She proceeds to take a rather stupid shot on 7, get lucky shape on 8 and leave herself crappy on the 9. She hits it and leaves me with the cue ball and the 9 ball on the opposite short rails. I hit it gently and leave her a tough bank which she ultimately nails (which was an excellent shot, she split the side pocket.

    It's frustrating because I am CLEARLY a superior pool player to her and most people in the room and I'm at such a disadvantage. I'm rated 6 there (I'm told it only goes to 7) so I have to win 3 times as many games as she does and I have to play almost flawlessly to get there. If I hang one 9 ball or leave her an easy out at any point, she's on the hill and I'm in a very dangerous situation even if I've already taken a few racks.

    I'm going to petition the powers that be at that pool hall and see if they will consider making the ranking system a little more rewarding to those who dedicate themselves to the game more than your average hobbyist billiard player. It's very frustrating to see a girl who literally could not run 3 balls with ball in hand walk on her opponents like that.

    Yes, I'm taking it personally.

  8. A-Trainshexcpoolgawdess on 12/20/2006 4:12:47 PM

    Goes to show that no matter how good you are and no matter how much higher rated you are, anyone can win at any given point!

    Never underestimate the ability of someone lower rated than you!

  9. A-TrainA-Train on 12/23/2006 4:06:55 PM

    The word "ability" may be an exaggeration here. I think "luck" may be more appropriate for these particular ladies.

  10. A-TrainTony_M on 1/28/2007 10:31:38 PM

    Instead of trying to have the ranking system changed, I would spend the time to assess exactly what I did in the match to cause me to lose. For example in rack 2 did I blow position on the 5 leaving me a tough shot? Was there an chance to put a good safe on the 5 ball. Did I pass up options because of my assessment of my competition?

    In the next rack, how did I lose control of the cue to cause the scratch?

    These are things that I would work on when I practice, and I would be the better player for it, rather than spending the time trying to get the rankings changed.

  11. A-TrainA-Train on 1/30/2007 4:55:44 PM

    This was a long time ago, I have trouble remembering.

    Regardless, this rating system puts people like me at a very large disadvantage. Sure, if I had to give this broad the 7 out in a race to 5 I'd certainly demolish her. But even strength in a race where I have to win 3 times as many games is completely unfair.

    I'm not a flawless pool player. Yet.

  12. A-TrainTony_M on 1/30/2007 5:45:46 PM

    I too have to give up large spots.

    It is the choice you have to make if you want to play in that tournament.

    If you don't like it, perhaps you need to play in an open tourney, where it is not handicapped.

  13. A-TrainA-Train on 1/31/2007 3:38:13 AM

    Nah, I'd rather put my money in and pitch a fit when it doesn't go my way. LOL.

    Just kidding. I haven't played in that pool tournament since.

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Rated Pool Tournament Giving Sketchy Ratings

  • Title: Rated Pool Tournament Giving Sketchy Ratings
  • Author: (Adam Stevermer)
  • Published: 12/12/2006 11:53:35 PM