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Plastic Pool Table Spots or Pool Table Dots

Plastic Pool Table Spots or Pool Table Dots

I am curious about at what time period the plastic dots started being used on the playing surface? I find the spot changes the elevation under the spotted ball. To me I prefer using (white out) with a toothpick for an applicator. After finding my spot location with lasers.

I can simply located this location on any table my size (4 x 8) by simply laying out 7 standard playing cards end to end with the ace of diamonds on the spot. the top tip of the diamond is it, the spot that we all try to find when we rack for pool. Oh yes the elusive spot . For what its worth I would vote yes for a simple hour glass shape spot set in between certain balls . A design spot that is visible when balls are racked a design

Plastic Pool Table Spots or Pool Table Dots

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  1. GingerFenwick on 10/5/2008 5:50:13 PM

    The spots you mention have the cloth manufactures name on them, pure advertising for the most part. They do tend to become raised and interfere with the roll of the balls. Then you have the pounders. The 1 inch dot that has been so worn out some feel the need to pound the head ball in order to keep it in place. I also would prefer the old style felt dot or a small dot either in white or black made with a Sharpie. Better still outline the rack. I'm old enough to remember when there was a head and foot spot on tables and the rack was outlined and we had no need for the raised spots used today. And the kitchen had a line drawn across it. I know one person who has a laser set up on his home table but in a public billiard hall it's not practical. I can not pinpoint a date when the new spots became standard. We have a table mechanic on the sight who might have some insight on this subject. Member Number #32 disrespecting Member Number #32, ?

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Plastic Pool Table Spots or Pool Table Dots

  • Title: Plastic Pool Table Spots or Pool Table Dots
  • Author:
  • Published: 12/17/2007 7:37:15 PM