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Need help with pool tables

Need help with pool tables

Looking for you guys or gals out there that might know alot of info on Brunswick tables. I'm purchasing my first Brunswick pool table and I've narrowed it down to a few here locally. I've heard the older ones are built better and the newer ones aren't except for the higher priced tables. Anyway, hopefully someone can give me some advice.

First table is: Orleans by Brunswick three piece 1" slate the guy thinks it is 12-15 years old 8 ft. table says tables is in good condition comes with balls, racks, a couple of cues price is $1200 he said he thinks retail was $4000 at the time red felt

Second table is: Brunswick Hawthorn three piece 1" slate about 5 years old 8 ft. table table is excellent condition comes with belgium balls, racks, cues and some bar furniture, accessories price is negotiable at $1500 green felt

Third table is: Brunswick Contender three piece 1" slate 2 years old 8 ft. table Awesome condition comes with 2 sets of balls, 4 cues, racks, brushes, etc . accessories also comes with a mini bar and pool table lights tan felt price is negotiable at $1500

I want a good dependable table that is built well and to play on. I've heard the contenders are not made very well. Hope someone can help me out there. Thanks.

Need help with pool tables

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Need help with pool tables

  • Title: Need help with pool tables
  • Author:
  • Published: 4/6/2009 7:51:58 PM