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My $30 Fischer Pool Table

My $30 Fischer Pool Table

Hi all. I'm a new member here. I recently got my first ever table, an old slate 6' Fischer table, serial #53564, that I bought on Craigslist for $30 (I HAD to call for a slate table advertised for $30). One side rail was busted in half at the side pocket. The old green felt was more than shot. It was full of mouse droppings and various nuts, shells and stuff. I trailer-ed it home, on its side under a tarp, in a Wisconsin snow storm.

The restoration started right after Christmas 08, and I broke my first rack on Feb 17th at 9 PM, blues on the stereo and a glass of Whiskey on ice to celebrate it.

I replaced the felt on the slate and bumpers (1st time I ever did that) with wine felt I bought on eBay for $15. I cleaned and painted the very solid frame black, and added trim to cover the rough edges. The side rails were actually very straight considering they were made of yellow pine, heavily varnished. I sanded them and covered them in black vinyl from Hobby lobby for $16. I found pocket liners on eBay for $10 a set. Then for the markers I recessed BMW tie tacks into the vinyl. i actually spent more for the tie tacks then I did for the table! So now I have a classic playing table for a total of $160 in parts. The labor of love was all my own. It plays perfectly level and fast.

My $30 Fischer Pool Table

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  1. andyvh1959Mr Penguin on 3/16/2009 5:29:14 AM

    Sounds great. Try posting the pictures again

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My $30 Fischer Pool Table

  • Title: My $30 Fischer Pool Table
  • Author: (Andy Van Herwynen)
  • Published: 2/23/2009 3:27:43 PM