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Global Billiards

Global Billiards

I'm going to purchased a Centennial Pool table made by Global Billiards. It is a 3 piece 1.5 inch slate commercial built. Does anyone have exprience with this table and company? If so, how does it play? Is it comparable to a gold crown? Its the first time I head of Global Billiards. For 400 hundred, I think its a great deal? What do you guys think? Thanks

Global Billiards

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  1. adriand619Justanotherevolutionary on 3/20/2009 5:08:06 PM

    Hmm...Well we have a Global store here where I live. They always give good service and prices, very kowledgable. As for the table I haven't played one. But 1.5, 3 peice slate seems a good price for $400. I've seen ****py Mizerak slatron tables go for $800. And it's probably a better bet than buying used. You could always throw your own cloth on it later. They might offer to let you come in and play something similar before you purchase it, which would be a good idea. Doesn't sound bad though.

  2. adriand619adriand619 on 3/21/2009 9:56:34 AM

    I called the company and they told me a brand new centennial made by global billiards would cost me four grand. Heres a picture of the table.

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Global Billiards

  • Title: Global Billiards
  • Author: (Adrian Deleon)
  • Published: 3/20/2009 1:19:19 PM