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Brunswick Gold Crown IV leg span?

Brunswick Gold Crown IV leg span?

In oder to minimize/eliminate floor deflection (second floor install), I want to place a sister web on the floor truss under the table.

I'm buying the Gold Crown IV used from 400 miles away. The framers want the measurements now. Can anyone help?

I need to know the distance between the center of the 9-foot length aspect table legs(pads).

I assume they're inset about 6" from the 9X4.5 surface, 12" from the outside rails, but don't want to guess.

Anyone have a drawing or table they could measure of that model?

Thanks in advance.

Brunswick Gold Crown IV leg span?

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  1. Zekebumped on 11/18/2010 7:37:15 PM

    Call Brunswick...or email. They will give you the info. BTW....nice table.

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Brunswick Gold Crown IV leg span?

  • Title: Brunswick Gold Crown IV leg span?
  • Author: (Ken Secor)
  • Published: 11/5/2010 10:23:14 AM