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Ball return on pool tables

Ball return on pool tables

I have noticed a few manufacturers, either have options for a ball return on a table, or have specific models with ball return. How good are such systems? Does such a system cause more wear on the balls?

When I was growing up my next door neighbor had a pool table with a ball return system which jammed up quite a bit. Is this still an issue?

A fiew tables I just noticed are the Diamond Pro-AM, which at $4300 for an 8' is just a bit above my price, and the Olhausen Fairfax, but couldn't find a price. Brunswick has several with the Highlander and Black Wolf being the two I likely can afford.

Ball return on pool tables

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  1. ronlambquickshot on 7/5/2010 7:02:37 AM

    A bit above your price is relative to how long you will keep the table and how much use it will get. If you really like it maybe you can negotiate down to a more reasonable price. It is worth a try. If you show that you are a sure buyer I believe there is room for a middle price. I would definitely go with a ball return. Do not worry about ball wear. they will last longer than you will with average normal play. The last thing you will want down the road is to say "I wish I had gotten etc cetra".

    Good luck.

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Ball return on pool tables

  • Title: Ball return on pool tables
  • Author: (Ronald Lamb)
  • Published: 7/4/2010 7:59:04 PM